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Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity

Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity

Paul Heelas, David Martin (With), Paul Morris (With)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19848-2

Jul 1998, Wiley-Blackwell

348 pages

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Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity is the first book to engage the study of religion with contemporary theorizing about culture. It addresses important issues such as whether there are postmodern forms of religion, whether theories of religion framed in terms of modernity can be recast to suit new or emerging circumstances, and how the study of religion can be better integrated with recent developments in the study of culture.
List of Contributors.

1. Introduction: On Differentiation and Dedifferentiation: Paul Heelas (University of Lancaster).

2. Cathedrals to Cults: The Evolving Forms of Religious Life: Steve Bruce (University of Aberdeen).

3. Terminal Faith: Mark C. Taylor (Williams College).

4. Postmodern Religion? Zygmunt Bauman (University of Leeds).

5. Tradition, Retrospective Perception, Nationalism and Modernism : Ninian Smart (University of California at Santa Barbara).

6. From Fundamentalism to Fundamentalisms: A Religious Ideology in Multiple Forms: Bruce B. Lawrence (Duke University).

7. From Pre- to Postmodernity in Latin America: The Case of Pentacostalism: Bernice Martin (Royal Holloway College, London).

8. Secularization and Citizenship in Muslim Indonesia: Robert W. Hefner (Boston University).

9. Religion and National Identity in Modern and Postmodern Japan: Winston Davis (Washington and Lee University).

10. The Construals of 'Europe': Religion, Theology and the Problematics of Modernity: Richard H. Roberts (Lancaster University).

11. Post-Christianity: Don Cupitt (University of Cambridge).

12. Kenosis and Naming: Beyond Analogy and Towards Allegoria Amoris: Graham Ward (University of Cambridge).

13. Sublimity: The Modern Transcendent: John Milbank (University of Cambridge).

14. The Primacy of Theology and the Question of Perception: Philip Blond (University of Cambridge).

15. The Impossible: Kevin Hart (Monash University).


"A fascinating and very timely book ... I feel sure that it will find a place in seminars, and on the shelves of any serious academic in the field." Karen McCarthy Brown, Drew University

<!--end-->"This book is essentially aimed at students in theology and philosophy, but I believe that it will also provide sociologists and historians with some fascinating and original material. An Excellent book" Dominique Macneill, University of Exeter

"Heelas has collected essays from scholars across the English speaking world. The result is the most comprehensive scholarly treatment of the benefits and imitations of postmodern description of religion yet available. Highly recommended for graduate level collections, suitable also for upper-division undergraduates, faculty and researchers, and professionals and practitioners." S.H. Webb, Walsh College

"The volume does collect together summative essays by a number of important thinkers, and everyone will find something of value here." Philip Goodchild, St Martin's College

"Theology and the Sociology of Religion have traditionally been kept separate, and specialists in each field have often been suspicious of the other. This book brings both of them together for the benefit of both.... I was pleased to see that the bibliographies were not limited to works published in English, but also include many sources published in other languages. This way, having had their appetite whet by such compelling reading, both polyglot and the less-able linguist can find further intellectual nourishment." Dominique Macneill, University of Exeter

"... The volume collects together summative essays by a number of important thinkers, and everyone will find something of value here." Philip Goodchild, St Martin's College

"Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity is an excellent collection of scholarly arguments about the state of religion, and religious studies, at the end of the twentieth centry. It is one of those books that will be read over and over again by graduate students and scholars for both ideas and content." Nova Religio

  • Presents both modern and postmodern religious debates in one volume.
  • Includes newly commissioned contributions by recognised experts in this area.
  • Discusses religion, modernity and postmodernity from an international perspective.