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Remaking the Modern World 1900 - 2015: Global Connections and Comparisons



Remaking the Modern World 1900 - 2015: Global Connections and Comparisons

C. A. Bayly

ISBN: 978-1-405-18715-2 October 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 424 Pages


The sequel and companion volume to C.A. Bayly’s ground-breaking The Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1914, this wide-ranging and sophisticated study explores global history since the First World War, offering a coherent, comparative overview of developments in politics, economics, and society at large.

  • Written by one of the leading historians of his generation, an early intellectual leader in the study of World History
  • Weaves a clear narrative history that explores the themes of politics, economics, social, cultural, and intellectual life throughout the long twentieth century
  • Identifies the themes of state, capital, and communication as key drivers of change on a global scale in the last century, and explores the impact of those ideas
  • Interrogates whether warfare was really the pre-eminent driving force of twentieth-century history, and what other ideas shaped the course of history in this period
  • Explores the causes behind the resurgence of local conflict, rather than global-scale conflict, in the years since the turn of the millennium
  • Delves into the narrative of inequality, a story that has shaped and been shaped by the events of the last hundred years

List of Figures and Photo Credits vii

Series Editor’s Preface ix

Christopher Bayly and the Making of World History xiii

Preface xix

Introduction 1

1 The World Crisis, c.1900–1930: Europe and the “Middle East” 12

2 The World Crisis, c.1900–1930: Africa, Asia and Beyond 29

3 Authoritarianism and Dictatorship Worldwide, c.1900–1950 49

4 Democracies and Their Discontents, c.1900–1950 67

5 The Depression: State Intervention and Popular Resistance 84

6 The Second World War and its Consequences 96

7 Peripheral Conflicts and the End of Old Regimes, c.1945–1955 118

8 America’s Hegemony and Colonialism’s Finale, mid-1950s to 1970s 139

9 The “Tipping Point”: World Politics and the Shock of the “Long 1980s” 162

10 The Expansion of Human Knowledge: The Twentieth-Century Person and Society 179

11 The Self and Human Society 194

12 Arts, Literature and Entertainment: Crisis and Recovery 215

13 Religion: Contestation and Revival 231

14 A Century of Killing and a Century of Crime 247

15 Internationalism and Transnationalism in Theory and Practice 263

16 The Shadow of Empire in the Modern World 270

17 The Pressure of People 287

18 Between Two Centuries: Economic Liberalisation and Political Fragmentation, c.1991 to 2015 298

Conclusion: Periods and Prophecy 323

Notes 333

Bibliography 363

Index 379