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Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time



Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time

Kevin Eikenberry

ISBN: 978-1-118-04755-2 February 2011 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages


Remarkable Leadership is a practical handbook written for anyone who wants to hone the skills they need to become an outstanding leader. In this groundbreaking book, Kevin Eikenberry outlines a framework and a mechanism for both learning new things and applying current knowledge in a thoughtful and practical way. Eikenberry provides a guide through the most important leadership competencies, offers a proven method for learning leadership skills, and shows approaches for applying these skills in today’s multitasking and overloaded world of work. The book explores real-world concerns such as focus, limited time, incremental improvement, and how we learn.

Foreword xi
Jack Canfield

1. The Leader in You 1

2. Leadership Development in the Real World 8

3. How to Get the Most Out of This Book 17

4. Remarkable Leaders Learn Continually 21

5. Remarkable Leaders Champion Change 42

6. Remarkable Leaders Communicate Powerfully 63

7. Remarkable Leaders Build Relationships 80

8. Remarkable Leaders Develop Others 101

9. Remarkable Leaders Focus on Customers 125

10. Remarkable Leaders Influence with Impact 142

11. Remarkable Leaders Think and Act Innovatively 160

12. Remarkable Leaders Value Collaboration and Teamwork 179

13. Remarkable Leaders Solve Problems and Make Decisions 198

14. Remarkable Leaders Take Responsibility and Are Accountable 213

15. Remarkable Leaders Manage Projects and Processes Successfully 228

16. Remarkable Leaders Set Goals and Support Goal Achievement 242

Epilogue 261

References 263

Acknowledgments 267

The Author 269

About the Kevin Eikenberry Group 271

Predicated on the notion that leaders are not born, but are made and remade and made over again, author and consultant Eikenberry provides a guide to honing leadership skills that’s succinct and sensible, demonstrating that leading is as much about listening, asking questions and empowering others as it is about charisma and vision. Thirteen chapters enumerate what remarkable leaders do—"learn continually," "communicate powerfully," "influence with impact," "think and act innovatively," etc.—and how they do it. In hopes of narrowing the gap between those who aspire to remarkability and those who’ve already achieved it, Eikenberry provides plenty of "Now Steps," exercises for evaluating and improving one’s position that can be implemented in short order. Obvious but edifying techniques include storytelling practice, journaling and building a network of well-nurtured relationships. Eikenberry also offers online resources ("Bonus Bytes") tied to specific points in the text, available on the book’s web site. A solid leadership primer, this book will instruct, if not exactly inspire, anyone looking to manage others more effectively. (Sept.) (Publishers Weekly Annex, September 2007)
Kevin Eikenberry's Web site Become a remarkable leader with the tips that Kevin Eikenberry has to offer in this accompanying website to the book.