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Remote Sensing of Sea Ice and Icebergs

Remote Sensing of Sea Ice and Icebergs

Simon Haykin, Edward O. Lewis, R. Keith Raney, James R. Rossiter

ISBN: 978-0-471-55494-3

Oct 1994

686 pages

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Describes the latest remote sensing technologies used to detect ice hazards in the marine environment; map surface currents, sea-state and surface winds; study ice dynamics, over ice transportation, oil spill countermeasures, climate changes and ice reconnaisance. Includes such technologies as acoustic sensing, ice-thickness measurement, passive microwave remote sensing, ground wave and surface-based radars.
Properties of Snow and Ice (E. Lewis, et al.).

Acoustic and Seismic Sensing Techniques (D. Farmer & Y. Xie).

Ice-Thickness Measurement (J. Rossiter & J. Holladay).

Passive Microwave Systems (I. Rubinstein, et al.).

Active Microwave Systems (R. Raney).

Over-the-Horizon Radar (S. Srivastava & J. Walsh).

Surface-Based Radar: Noncoherent (E. Lewis, et al.).

Surface-Based Radar: Coherent (S. Haykin, et al.).

Operational Airborne Radars (R. Lowry).

Synthetic Aperture Radar Images of Sea Ice (C. Livingstone).

RADARSAT and Operational Ice Information (R. Raney & J. Falkingham).

Supplementary Topics and Future Diretions (S. Haykin & R. Raney).