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Renewable Energy: Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Future



Renewable Energy: Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Future

Roland Wengenmayr (Editor), Thomas Bührke (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-64014-0 November 2012 120 Pages


This translation of a German title, which was enthusiastically received by a wide audience, collects contributions by leading and well-known scientists in the area explaining the technical basics of photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, wind and water power as well as geothermal energy. In an easily accessible yet sober way, the book offers a solid overview of the possibilities offered by environmentally friendly techniques, energy conversion, storage, and transportation, discussing the topic without any misplaced ideology.
The editors are experienced journalists and illustrate the text with simple diagrams and information boxes, printed in full-color throughout.
For applied physicists, engineers in power technology, engineers, and anyone interested in natural sciences.
Preface -
Eicke Weber
Foreword -
Roland Wengenmayr, Thomas Bührke
Renewable Energy Sources on the Rise -
Harald Kohl
A Tailwind for Sustainable Technology -
Martin Kühn
Flowing Energy -
Roland Wengenmayr
How the Sun gets into the Power Plant -
Robert Pitz- Paal
Solar Cells - an Overview -
Roland Wengenmayr
Solar Cells from Ribbon Silicon -
Giso Hahn
Photovoltaic Cells on Glass -
Nikolaus Meyer
Energy from the Depths of the Earth -
Ernst Huenges
Synthetic Fuels from the Biomass -
Nicolaus Dahmen
Does the Future belong to Biogas -
Roland Wengenmayr
Eletric Power from Hot Air -
Jörg Schlaich, Gerhard Weinrebe
Energy Reserves from the Oceans -
Kai-Uwe Graw
Is the Hydrogen Economy Around the Corner? -
Gerd Eisenbeiß
Heat on Call -
Silke Köhler, Frank Kabus, Ernst Huenges
Taming the Flame -
Manfred Waidhas, Harald Landes
Cooling with the Heat of the Sun -
Roland Wengenmayr
A Super Climate in the Greenhouse -
Roland Wengenmayr
An Exceptional Sustainabliliy Concept -
Christian Matt, Matthias Schuler
How Political Will Changes a Country -
Thomas Bührke
"This creative book dispenses with formal chapters, but the 20 major categories clearly document innovative and sustainable energy concepts using existing technologies based in Europe. The descriptions are clear, and the combination of pictures and diagrams are relevant and convincing." (CHOICE, January 2009)
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