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Renewal Coaching: Sustainable Change for Individuals and Organizations

Renewal Coaching: Sustainable Change for Individuals and Organizations

Douglas B. Reeves, Elle Allison

ISBN: 978-0-470-47101-2

Feb 2009, Jossey-Bass

240 pages


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Renewal Coaching provides a series of personal assessments that will guide individuals and teams through the seven stages of renewal. Each assessment includes both survey and narrative responses, and readers can use the journal pages in the text or convenient on-line formats to respond. The Renewal Coaching framework consists of these seven elements: Recognition?Finding patterns of toxicity and renewal; Reality?Confronting change killers in work and life; Reciprocity?Coaching in harmony; Resilience?Coaching through pain; Relationship?Nurturing the personal elements of coaching; Resonance?Coaching with emotional intelligence; Renewal?Creating energy, meaning, and freedom to sustain the Journey.
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The Authors.

Part One: Before You Begin Renewal Coaching.

1 From Resistance to Renewal.

2 The Renewal Coaching Framework: An Overview.

Part Two: The Renewal Coaching Framework: An Overview.

3 Recognition: Finding Patterns of Toxicity and Renewal.

4 Reality: Confronting Change Killers in Work and Life.

5 Reciprocity: Coaching in Harmony.

6 Resilience: Coaching Through Pain.

7 Resonance: Coaching with Emotional Intelligence.

8 Relationship: When Process Is Personal.

9 Renewal: Creating Energy, Meaaning, and Freedom to Sustain the Journey.

Part Three: The Professional Coach: Bringing Renewal to Clients.

10 The Renewal Coach.

11 The Profession of Coaching.

12 The Business of Coaching.



  • HOT TOPIC:  Coaching is a timely and popular approach to improving personal and organizational performance.
  • RESEARCH-BASED PRACTICE:  There is a lot of shoddy practice and unsupported claims in the world of executive coaching.  In contrast, this book is based on research and actual practice.
  • AFFILIATED WEB SITE: Authors are developing a password-accessible web site that provides readers with access to resources, assessments, downloads, research, and case studies.  A wiki environment will allow readers to contribute and share their own cases of the Renewal Coaching experience.