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Research Methods in Social Relations, 8th Edition

Geoffrey Maruyama, Carey S. Ryan

ISBN: 978-1-118-76498-5 June 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 576 Pages


Research Methods in Social Relations, 8th Edition, features a series of updates and revisions in its comprehensive introduction to current research methods in the social and behavioural sciences.

  • Offers comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of traditional and topical research methods
  • Addresses many newer research approaches such as propensity score matching, mixed methods designs, and confirmatory factor analysis
  • Written to be accessible to a range of social and behavioural science disciplines, including public health, political science, sociology, and psychology
  • Includes new chapters that engage readers in critical thinking about the processes involved in building sustainable partnerships in field and community settings
  • The Companion website includes an array of resources for Instructors, including Test Banks, Power Point lecture slides, discussion questions and exercises
  • This new edition is the much-anticipated follow-up to 2001’s seventh edition by Hoyle, Harris and Judd

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Preface to the Eighth Edition xv

Acknowledgments xix

About the Companion Website xx

Part I Underpinnings of Social Relations Research 1

Chapter 1 Ways of Thinking and Knowing 3

Chapter 2 Doing Social Science Research 29

Chapter 3 Ethical Principles 53

Chapter 4 Roles and Relations among Researchers, Practitioners, and Participants in Engaged Research 81

Chapter 5 Research in Laboratory Settings 107

Chapter 6 Research in Field and Community-Based Settings 139

Part II Research Approaches in Social Relations Research 161

Chapter 7 Measurement and Reliability 163

Chapter 8 Evaluating the Construct Validity of Measures 201

Chapter 9 Sampling Methods 229

Chapter 10 Randomized Experiments 257

Chapter 11 Quasi-Experimental and Other Nonrandomized Designs 291

Chapter 12 Non-Experimental Research 323

Chapter 13 Qualitative Research 365

Chapter 14 Survey Research 391

Chapter 15 Evaluation Research 413

Chapter 16 Mixed Methods Approaches: Learning from Complementary Methods 437

Part III Analysis and Writing 453

Chapter 17 Critically Reviewing Research Reports and Literatures 455

Chapter 18 Writing the Research Report 485

References 513

Index 535