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Research and the Ageing Population

Research and the Ageing Population

David Evered (Editor), Julie Whelan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51358-3 September 2007 280 Pages


This international symposium focuses on the contributions that biomedical research is making to the provision of proper health care for the increasing numbers of elderly people in all countries, developed and developing. Recent, encouraging developments in the areas of malignancy, dementia, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease are emphasized. Also addresses new ways of planning health care and social support systems for the elderly.
Partial table of contents:

The Health of the Elderly Population: Results from Longitudinal Studies with Age-Cohort Comparisons (A. Svanborg).

Health and Ageing in the Developing World (G. Andrews).

Aging and Disease (J. Evans).

Alzheimer's Disease as an Age-Dependent Disorder (R. Katzman).

Questions in the Psychiatry of Old Age (T. Arie).

Cardiovascular Disease and the Elderly (N. Wenger).

Osteoporosis and Age-Related Fracture Syndromes (B. Riggs & L. Melton).

Aging and Infection (J. Phair, et al.).

The Nature and Causes of Aging (T. Kirkwood).

Changing Health Needs of the Aging Population (J. Brody).

Planning for Health Services for the Elderly (C. Hollander & H. Becker).

Costs of Long-Term Care: Distribution and Responsibility (S. Wallack & M. Cohen).

Summing-Up (T. Williams).

Index of Contributors.

Subject Index.