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Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design, 2nd Edition

Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design, 2nd Edition

Randall Whitehead

ISBN: 978-0-470-28483-4

Dec 2008

304 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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"Written by internationally recognized lighting consultant Randall Whitehead, this popular easy-to-read lighting design guide offers a highly visual introduction to the fundamentals for illuminating the single-family home. Emphasizing the use of "light layering" he advocates using a combination of lighting sources to create a cohesive and versatile lighting system. The book offers advice on design tools and room-by-room lighting strategies. This Second Edition includes a new chapter on how to implement the use of energy efficient lighting design, including updated information on LED lamps, CFL's and daylightng. Also included are 32 pages of color plates demonstrating professional remodels of interior and exterior rooms; including contributions from interior designers, architects, landscape designers in collaboration with well integrated lighting design".




Chapter 1: The Functions of Illumination.

Chapter 2: The Color of Light.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Correct Lamps.

Chapter 4: Choosing the Correct Luminaires.

Chapter 5: Daylighting- Integration of Natural Light for Greener Design Practices.

Chapter 6: Controls.

Chapter 7: Special Effects.


Chapter 8: Kitchens: the New Gathering Place.

Chapter 9: Entrances: Setting the Tone.

Chapter 10: Living Rooms: Layering Comfort with Drama.

Chapter 11: Dining Rooms: The Main Event.

Chapter 12: Bedrooms: Private Sanctuaries.

Chapter 13: Bathrooms: Functional Luxury.

Chapter 14: Home Offices: Work Spaces that Really Work.

Chapter 15: Exterior Lighting: Expanding Interior Spaces Visually.

Chapter 16: Applying Lighting Techniques.

Part A Guidelines for drawing a reflected ceiling plan.

Part B Guidelines for writing lighting specifications.

Part C Lighting questionnaire for your clients.

Part D Hands-on design - condominium project.

Part E Review Examination.

Appendix One: Resources: How To Use Them.

Appendix Two: Sample Answers To Review Examination.

Sample Lighting Layout for Condominium Project .

Appendix Three: A Sampling of Luminaire Manufacturers.

Appendix Four: Top Ten Lighting Tips.

Appendix Five: Top Ten Outdoor Lighting Tips.

Appendix Six: Answers To Frequently Asked Lighting Questions.

Appendix Seven: Recording your Work: Tips on Photography.

Appendix Eight: Tips On Public Speaking.

Appendix Nine: The Business Of Being In Business.

Appendix Ten: Getting Published: The Game Plan.



  • Provides expanded chapters on energy-efficient lighting, including LED technology, GU24 fluorescent lamps, and daylighting
  • Features 32 pages of color plates demonstrating professional redesigns of interior and exterior rooms, and home offices


"Author Randall Whitehead proves that good lighting and green design go hand in hand. The book includes environmentally conscious tips on how to put together a well-designed lighting plan, room by room." (Home&Design, May/June 2009)

"Residential Lighting is a book that has certainly benefited from its second-edition treatment. Lighting technology-- particularly as it pertains to energy efficiency--has moved at a breakneck clip for most of the last decade, and Whitehead's astute pen chronicles these changes and offers a hint of sensible prognostication about what the future holds." (, February 25th, 2009)

  • Emphasizes the use of "light layering"—using a variety of lighting sources together
  • Features room-by-room advice, with real-life examples of the products provided on related Web sites
  • Provides hands-on guidelines for assessing a client's needs, drawing a reflected ceiling plan, writing lighting specifications, choosing materials, and more
  • Offers the design tools for putting together a well-designed lighting plan