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Resilience: How to cope when everything around you keeps changing



Resilience: How to cope when everything around you keeps changing

Liggy Webb

ISBN: 978-0-857-08387-6 April 2013 Capstone 198 Pages



Stressful situations are a fact of life. Job insecurity, financial burden, relationship doubt are all too familiar. Some people approach them with confidence and poise, facing change and challenges head on. Others back away slowly into a corner and become quivering wrecks at the mere thought of them. So what is it that makes some people cope with these adverse situations so well? It’s not about what is happening to you, but how you react to it. It’s about your resilience.

Happiness guru Liggy Webb is here to help us all find positivity and inner strength to cope with stressful situations. Arming you with a personal toolkit to handle day to day challenges, and providing strategies for thriving in uncertain times Liggy shows you how to increase your ‘bouncibility’ and bounce back from whatever negative things life throws at you.

• Timely topic with governments across the world promoting happiness on the one hand and dealing with vast economic uncertainty and austerity on the other

• Easy to digest, anecdotal and practical guide with lots of common sense advice

• Contains timely examples and tips tailored for coping with difficult times

An introduction to resilience ix

How resilient are you? xix

1. Take a journey of self-discovery 1

2. See the glass half full 17

3. Take emotional control 31

4. Change for the better 47

5. Cope well with conflict 61

6. Embrace probortunities 75

7. Look after yourself 89

8. Make connections 103

9. Keep going 117

10. Create a vision 133

Desiderata A creed for life 147

Resilience materials 151

Top 20 survival songs 161

Useful resources 163

Acknowledgements 169

About the author 171

Index 173