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Resistance is Useless: The Art of Business Persuasion



Resistance is Useless: The Art of Business Persuasion

Geoff Burch

ISBN: 978-1-119-95003-5 June 2011 Capstone 278 Pages


This book will show you how anyone can be persuaded to do anything.
Geoff Burch has written a book that will change almost everything you ever believed about business and selling. Combining the quick wit of a stand up comedian with the serious thoughtfulness of a psychoanalyst, he explains the value and power of persuasion - a verbal martial art that, if used correctly will always give you the outcome you desire in your business dealings.
Resistance is Useless will show you how to:
* Change anyone's opinion on any subject.
* Transform a lynch mob into your most devout supporters.
* Avoid wasting thousands of pounds on customer care while your accounts department is threatening to pulp your customer's fingers with a hammer.
* Understand how a perfect product demonstration can get you hurled into the street by security.
* Sell tanks to Genghis khan.
Readership: General Business, customer service and sales.

The gentle art of persuasion.

Selling tanks to Genghis Kahn.

Risky business?

The gift of the earhole.

Mimicking sheepdogs.

Keeping promises, keeping customers.

Welcoming complaints.

The psychology of persuasion.

Negotiating: sympathize and trust no one.

Benefits, who benefits?

The big ones.

The end is nigh: close or launch-pad?

And finally ?

"...This is a true book of inspiration…Compelling and fun to read …" (PS Advisor, 1 April 2003)