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Respiratory Medicine: Clinical Cases Uncovered



Respiratory Medicine: Clinical Cases Uncovered

Emma Baker, Dilys Lai

ISBN: 978-1-444-39298-2 September 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages

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Rehearse for life in clinical practice with this easy-to-use and unique series, which combines cases drawn from real-life experiences with a refreshing approach to presentations as you would see them in day-to-day situations.

Get the most from clinical practice, with Clinical Cases Uncovered

This essential title in the Clinical Cases Uncovered series includes many important scenarios in respiratory medicine that feature in real-life clinical practice. Everything is covered, from respiratory arrest and asthma to environmental effects and abnormal chest X-rays.

Anatomy, physiology and the relevant pathological background feature in the basic science section, with important advice on the approach to the patient. The self-assessment section at the end is crucial to testing your understanding, giving you the best possible preparation.

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How to use this book.

Part 1 Basics.

Basic science.

Approach to the patient.

Part 2 Cases.

Case 1 A 64-year-old man with respiratory arrest.

Case 2 A 19-year-old man with chest tightness.

Case 3 A 31-year-old woman with poorly-controlled asthma.

Case 4 A 22-year-old man with life-threatening shortness of breath.

Case 5 A 65-year-old man with worsening shortness of breath.

Case 6 A worried 56-year-old man.

Case 7 An 81-year-old man with acute shortness of breath.

Case 8 A 73-year-old woman with confusion.

Case 9 A 78-year-old man with ankle swelling.

Case 10 A 72-year-old man with a hoarse voice.

Case 11 A 56-year-old woman with an abnormal chest X-ray.

Case 12 A 68-year-old man with shortness of breath and chest pain.

Case 13 A 16-year-old boy with right-sided chest pain.

Case 14 A 62-year-old woman with breathlessness.

Case 15 A 24-year-old woman with pleuritic chest pain.

Case 16 An elderly woman who collapsed suddenly.

Case 17 A 45-year-old man with chest pain and breathlessness.

Case 18 A 72-year-old man who becomes breathless during inpatient stay on a medical ward.

Case 19 A 58-year-old woman with breathlessness following surgery.

Case 20 A 16-year-old boy with a sore throat.

Case 21 A 45-year-old woman with a chronic cough.

Case 22 A 17-year-old girl with cystic fi brosis.

Case 23 A 25-year-old woman with cough and weight loss.

Case 24 A 44-year-old man commencing treatment for tuberculosis.

Case 25 A 32-year-old man who absconds from directly observed therapy for tuberculosis.

Case 26 A 32-year-old woman with a skin rash and abnormal chest X-ray.

Case 27 A 68-year-old woman with worsening breathlessness on exertion.

Case 28 A 35-year-old man with chronic shortness of breath.

Case 29 An overweight 52-year-old man who snores.

Part 3 Self-assessment.





Index of cases by diagnosis

'Excellent...the cases are very accurate and comprehensive.' - Consultant and Lecturer, Newcastle University

'This is good - the cases cover everything I have seen as a medical student in a typical medical take and all the emergency scenarios I should be aware of, deals with diagnosis and management, with good discussion of the rationale...the cases unfold in the way they would in the hospital, and questions are asked at pertinent times.' - Medical Student, Oxford University

'Easy to read and understand...This book includes everything we needed to cover whilst on placement, covering a wide range of realistic situations...a bonus about this book is that it contains practical information that you can't find in a lot of respiratory books...The examination section is brilliant...the cases are clear and easy to follow.' - Medical Student, University of East Anglia

  • Provides an excellent and realistic representation of Respiratory Medicine and what the student can expect to deal with when working on attachment in this area
  • Covers the disparate range of diseases related to lungs and dysfunction of the respiratory system
  • Aids understanding of the signs and symptoms of respiratory problems, investigations that can be used and the management and treatment options available
  • Includes a section to refresh the student on the basic science behind this clinical area