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Respiratory Support in Intensive Care, 2nd Edition



Respiratory Support in Intensive Care, 2nd Edition

Duncan Young

ISBN: 978-0-727-91379-1 July 1999 BMJ Books 318 Pages


This is a completely revised and updated edition of a highly acclaimed book. It describes the principles underlying the methods used to provide respiratory support and their clinical applications. It chronicles the evolution of, and describes the many types of ventilators available and sets the scene for future developments.
Preface to first edition.

Preface to second edition.

Conversion factors, respiratory, and abbreviations used in text.

1.Development of techniques of respiratory support.

2.Physiological background to mechanical ventilation.

3.Mechanical basis of respiratory support.

4.Methods of providing respiratory support.

5.Barotrauma: techniques for reducing peak airway pressure.

6.Modern ventilator technology.

7.Respiratory failure: conservative treatment and indications for providing respiratory support.

8.Selection and care of artificial airways.

9.Care of the patient during respiratory support.

10.Modern ventilator technology.

Appendix 1: Suppliers of respiratory support equipment.


-Extensive revision to incorporate new knowledge of the physiology of mechanical ventilation, new techniques of treatment.

-Descriptions of the ventilators most commonly used in current clinical practice

-Covers all aspects of the process of respiratory support

-Well illustrated with photographs and line drawings

-World famous authors