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Responsible Communication: Deliberation between Conversation and Consideration

Responsible Communication: Deliberation between Conversation and Consideration

ISBN: 978-1-786-30172-7

Jun 2019, Wiley-ISTE

180 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Communication is a crucial issue in our complex societies tinted by distrust. It is the core of democratic life and almost all human and social actions. Therefore it is essential for communication to be responsible. But responsible communication cannot only be conceived as a deontological issue, framed by ethical compliance requirements or good practices promotion. It should be considered with all the virtualities of communication, from conversation to consideration, going through narrative, interpretation and argumentation. Indeed each of these communicational capacities has its properties, assets, complementarities and limitations. They constitute different ways to be responsive. This book offers a contribution to the debate of Theory of Deliberative Theory (TDD), reexamined here within its different inspiration sources, notably the opposition between communicational turn and system, the fact of moral pluralism and the public reason.

Part I. Deliberative Democracy re-examined
Chapter 1: Deliberative Democracy Journey
Chapter 2: Overlooked Points in deliberative Democracy Theory

Part II Responsible communication
Chapter 3: Communicational Capacities
Chapter 4: Conversation, Improvisation and Information

Part III Argumentation as Consideration
Chapter 5: Argumentation, prophylactic Measure against “Post-Truth”
Chapter 6: Argumentation and/in Contexts