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Responsible Global Value Chains

Responsible Global Value Chains

Pascale de Rozario, Sylvie Faucheux

ISBN: 978-1-848-21975-5

Dec 2020, Wiley-ISTE

180 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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This book proposes 6 chapters with the following structure and philosophy. Each chapter details a mainstream approach of Responsible Global Value Chains (i.e. an economical approach based on Porter’s vision, a socio-political one based on GVCs’ stakeholders’ interdependencies, an environmental approach focused on functional economy and green challenges). Each chapter starts with a concrete example, then explores selected theoretical frameworks. The conclusion highlights some innovative proposals and solutions addressed to top managers.

Chapter 1 Green Challenges and RGVCs

Chapter 2 Institutional practices and RGVCs

Chapter 3 Business ethics and RGVCs

Chapter 4 Green/reverse Logistic and RGVCs

Chapter 5 Pro-creation and eco-innovation and RGVCs

Chapter 6 Innovative and Sustainable Organization (OID) and RGVCs

Chapter 7 Territories, clusters and RGVCs

Chapter 8 Global instruments and tools for RGVCs