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Restaurant: Law Basics



Restaurant: Law Basics

Stephen C. Barth, David K. Hayes, Jack D. Ninemeier

ISBN: 978-0-471-21601-8 April 2007 384 Pages

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How to avoid legal liability and prevent costly litigation

You’re notified that your restaurant is being sued: what should you do? A guest is choking in your restaurant’s dining room: are you required to assist? If the assistance causes further injury, who is responsible? Your franchiser demands to see daily receipt totals: can you say no? Restaurant Law Basics prepares you to make the right decisions in these critical situations and hundreds of others.

To avoid costly legal problems in your restaurant, begin with step one: read Restaurant Law Basics. This completely practical, jargon-free guide gives you the tools you need to protect your restaurant from legal exposure of every kind. It prepares restaurant managers to comply with the law and avoid or limit liability in virtually any situation–—from hiring and managing employees and dealing with customer complaints to ensuring safety and security, obeying regulatory requirements, and much more. Restaurant Law Basics features:

  • Manager’s Briefs that focus on critical legal aspects of your operations
  • Realistic scenarios that are analyzed to help prepare you to make the right decisions in challenging situations
  • Checklists to help you avoid liability before any incident occurs
  • A companion Web site that provides additional resources, training assistance, and more

The Restaurant Basics Series provides restaurant owners and managers with expert advice and practical guidance on critical issues in restaurant operation and management. Written by leading authorities in each field, these easy-to-use guides offer instant access to authoritative information on every aspect of the restaurant business and every type of restaurant–—independent, chain, or franchise.



Restaurant Managers and the Law.

Restaurant Contracts.

Restaurant Operating Structures.

Legal Responsibilities of Managers.

Managing Within Regulatory and Administrative Requirements.

Managing Insurance.

Legal Issues in Selecting Employees.

Legal Aspects of Employee Management.

Duties and Obligations of Restaurant Managers.

A Manager's Legal Responsibilities to Customers.

Legal Concerns in Serving Food and Beverages.

Legal Aspects of Safety and Security Management.

Appendix A: Sample Banquet Contract.

Appendix B: Sample Meeting Space Contract.

Appendix C: Sample Contract for Sale of Goods.

Appendix D: Publications on Government Regulations.

Appendix E: Sample Job Description.

Appendix F: Guidelines for Appropriate Interview Questions.

Appendix G: Sample Employee Consent Form for Drug Testing.

Appendix H: Sample Consent Form Authorizing Background Check.

Appendix I: Sample Form 1-9.

Appendix J: Form 1-9 Qualifying Documents.

Appendix K: Sample Demand Letter.

Appendix L: Sample Incident Report Form.

Appendix M: Sample Lost and Found Tracking Form.

Appendix N: Sample Employee Privacy Policy.

Appendix O: Sample Property Safety and Security Checklist.

Appendix P: Sample Emergency Telephone List.

Appendix Q: Sample Fire Emergency Plan.

Appendix R: Manager's Responsibilities in a Crisis.