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Restructuring Schools: The Next Generation of Educational Reform



Restructuring Schools: The Next Generation of Educational Reform

Richard F. Elmore

ISBN: 978-1-555-42234-9 April 1990 Jossey-Bass 309 Pages


Restructuring Schools provides administrators, state policymakers, teachers, and other educators with an understanding of what can and cannot be achieved through particular restructuring efforts and of the role they can play as individuals to make such efforts succeed.
1. Introduction: On Changing the Structure of PublicSchools(Richard F. Elmore)
Part One: Approaches to Restructuring Schools
2. Applying Conceptions of Teaching to Organizational Reform(BrianRowan)
3. Fostering Teacher Professionalism in Schools(Gary Sykes)
4. Organizing Schools to Encourage Teacher Inquiry(HAndrik D.Gideonse)
5. Redesigning Teachers' Work(Susan Moore Johnson)
6. Rethinking School Governance(Mary Anne Raywid)
Part Two: New Roles and Responsibilities for the District andState
7. Restructuring in Progress: Lessons from PioneeringDistricts(Jane L. David)
8. Key Issues Confronting State Policymakers(Michael Cohen)
9. Conclusion: Toward a Transformation of Public Schooling(RichardF. Elmore)
``A `must read' for anyone who cares about schools, education, or the nation's future.'' --James W. Guthrie, professor of education and director, Policy Analysis for California Education