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Results Now for Nonprofits: Purpose, Strategy, Operations, and Governance

Results Now for Nonprofits: Purpose, Strategy, Operations, and Governance

Mark Light

ISBN: 978-0-471-75824-2

Feb 2011

287 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Build your nonprofit into a high performer with this practical approach to purpose, strategy, operations, and governance

Planning is vital to achieving your nonprofit's purpose—too bad most nonprofits are strapped for time. Not anymore.

Using a lightning-fast and inclusive process, Results Now® puts purpose, strategy, operations, and governance into one user-friendly, comprehensive plan that your board can pass in a single vote and your organization can maintain as a regular part of its business throughout the year.

Results Now for Nonprofits relies on accountability and performance measurement to increase the level of effective decision-making. This "big picture first, details next" planning process helps you:

  • Use the Results Now master plan as a centerpiece of board meetings and as a standard part of board meeting advance information

  • Foster a welcome climate for give-and-take strategic thinking

  • Clarify the organization's story for the community and keep people on point about what's important

  • Develop team cohesion

  • Orient newer leadership members and recharge seasoned ones

  • Attract new funders who reward nonprofits who plan

A must-have for all nonprofit executives and directors, members of boards and trustees, and nonprofit managers, Results Now for Nonprofits is a results-driven, practical tool that will help your organization achieve its mission, values, and destiny.



Part I: Setting the Frame.

Chapter 1: The Four Pillars of High-performance.

Defining High Performance.

The Third Envelope.

Chapter 2: Planning Rules.

Just Say No.

Just Say Yes.

Show Me the Money.

Bottom Lines.

Chapter 3: All Together.

Master Plan.

Be Quick.

Part II: Purpose.

Chapter 4: Values.

Getting Real.

Talk that Walks.

Chapter 5: Mission.

Who are our Customers?

What Difference do we Make?

How are we Better than our Rivals?

The Sweet Spot.

Hoop Dreams.

Part III: Strategic Plan.

Chapter 6: Lines of Business.

What Are We Doing Now.

Means and Ends.

Making Lines of Business.

Chapter 7: Success Measures.

Measuring Unmeasurable.

Why Measure.

Making Success Measures.

Chapter 8: Vision Statement.

Vision Types.

Making Statements.

Chapter 9: Vision Strategies.

Making Strategies.

Part IV: Operating Plan.

Chapter 10: Goals.

Department Map.

Making Goals.

Chapter 11: Budget.

Part V: Governance Plan.

Seven Realities.

Chapter 12: Delegation.

Low Hanging Fruit.



Chapter 13: Accountability.



Chapter 14: Smart Board.

Help Me Help You.

Adding Value.

Appendix A: BAM.

Appendix B: First Cut.

Appendix C: Final Answer.

Appendix D: Board Meeting Advance Information Template.


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