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Results That Last: Hardwiring Behaviors That Will Take Your Company to the Top

Results That Last: Hardwiring Behaviors That Will Take Your Company to the Top

Quint Studer

ISBN: 978-1-118-04069-0

Dec 2010

320 pages



Praise For Results That Last

""Quint Studer is a superb communicator with a deep belief in the power of relationships. His informal tone, sense of humor, and real-world stories bring his business principles to life. Results That Last has a vital, optimistic quality that will keep readers re-reading long after other leadership books have been relegated to a dark corner of the shelf.""
--Nido Qubein, author of How to Get Anything You Want; President, High Point University; Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company; and founder, National Speakers Association Foundation

""Results That Last is long overdue and fills a big gap in effective business management. There are legions of books that show us the way to achieve successful results in business, but very few that teach us how to institutionalize success. In reality, achieving success is the easy part. The real challenge is to achieve results that last. Quint Studer not only proves it is possible to hardwire a culture for lasting results, but lays out a simple, logical, and effective way to do so. Anyone who wants to make success a habit needs to read this book.""
--Bob MacDonald, former CEO, Allianz Life of North America and author of Beat the System: 11 Secrets to Building an Entrepreneurial Culture in a Bureaucratic World

""I have always been fascinated by how the various parts of an organization work together to achieve strategic objectives. In Results That Last, Quint Studer explores the complex subject of performance improvement in a fresh, readable, and easy-to-grasp way. By standardizing certain business practices and leader behaviors, any company in any field can create an environment that allows it to achieve and sustain long-term results.""
--David F. Giannetto, coauthor of The Performance Power Grid: The Proven Method to Create and Sustain Superior Organizational Performance

Key Tactics.

Chapter 1. Up Or Out.

Defining high, middle and low performers.

Dealing with high, middle and low performers.

Chapter 2. Round For Outcomes.

Five critical elements employees want from managers.

Nine steps for starting Rounding.

Chapter 3. Manage Up To Change Corporate Culture.

We/They Phenomenon.

Art of Managing Up.

Handling Hand Offs.

Create A Cultural Shift (Feedback Systems).

The Core.

Chapter 4. Build The Foundation (Passion And Purpose).


Five Pillars.

Connect The Dots.

Chapter 5. Reduce Leadership Variance.

Why Leaders Don't Standardize Behaviors.

Why Organizations Don't Achieve Lasting Results.

Five Ways To Reduce Leadership Variance.

Chapter 6. Measurement 101.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved.

Focus On Moving 4s To 5s.

Transparency - Helping People Understand The Metrics.

Demonstrating Return On Investment.

Chapter 7. Align Behaviors With Goals And Values.

Holding Leaders Accountable.

Leader Evaluation Tool.

How To Roll Out The Leader Evaluation Tool.

Chapter 8. Create and Develop Leaders.

Principles For Developing Leaders.

Phases Of Change.

Leadership Development Institutes.

Employees Tactics.

Chapter 9. Satisfied Employees Mean A Healthy Bottom Line.

Three Building Blocks Of Employee Satisfaction.

Chapter 10. Know Your Employees ""What"".

Pursuing The Whats.

Chapter 11. Improve Employee Selection And Retention.

Peer Interviewing.

30 And 90 Day New Employee Meetings.

Chapter 12. Build Individual Accountability.

Renters Vs. Owners.

Strategies To Transform Renters Into Owners.

Chapter 13. Harvest Intellectual Capital.

Hardwiring Harvesting.

Chapter 14. Recognize And Reward Success

Small Prizes Have Big Impact.

Reward And Recognition Change As You Mature

Power Of Reward And Recognition.

Hardwiring Thank You Notes.

How to Implement Reward And Recognition.

Chapter 15. Find And Recognize Heroes.

Power Of Hero Recognition.

How To Find Heroes.


Chapter 16. Build A Culture Around Service.

Standards of Behavior.

Summary of how Key Words Impact.

Chapter 17. Pre and Post Visit Phone Calls.

Impact on Customer likelihood to recommend.

Ability to exceed high customer expectations.

Impact on Bottom Line.

Opportunity to retain a customer even when things go wrong.

Chapter 18. Rounding On Your Customers.

The Importance Of Asking The Customer Their What.

Rounding On Customers.

Three Faces Of Rounding.

Random Rounding.

Relationship Rounding.

Deep Impact Rounding.

Chapter 19. Key Words At Key Times.

What Are Key Words.

How To Develop Key Words.


When To Use Key Words Have Even Great Impact.

Service Recovery.

About Studer Group.

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