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Rethinking Sales Management: A Strategic Guide for Practitioners



Rethinking Sales Management: A Strategic Guide for Practitioners

Beth Rogers

ISBN: 978-1-119-99551-7 February 2011 314 Pages


Until recently, sales managers received no specific training for their jobs. However, selling has become more complex with the emergence of regulations and more sophisticated customers. Sales managers need to inspire and achieve sales results by managing teams of professionals and other resources. To do so, they need guidance on dealing with issues that arise in these broader aspects of their role.

This concise guide for sales managers is based on a well-known sales management technique called the ‘customer portfolio matrix’. Beth Rogers weaves her version of this throughout, enabling sales managers to see their strategy from the customer’s point of view. Doing so will allow them to set realistic objectives, design new strategies that add real customer value, avoid wasting time on price-oriented customers and deploy resources for maximum results.


This book draws on research and contributions from universities and institutions in over 20 countries including the American Productivity and Quality Center, the Caux Round Table, the Supply Chain Executive Board, AIDA Marketing e Formazione, United Professional Sales Association, Purchasing Management Association of Canada, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.


From Neil Rackham, creator of SPIN Selling, lead author of “Rethinking the Salesforce” and Visiting Professor, Univeristy of Portsmouth Business School


PART 1 - Strategy

Chapter 1 – The big picture

Chapter 2 – The purchaser’s view

Chapter 3 – The B2B relationship development box

PART 2 - Using the relationship development box

Chapter 4 – Strategic relationships

Chapter 5 – Prospective Relationships Chapter 6 – Tactical relationships: the power of low touch

Chapter 7 – Co-operative relationships

Chapter 8 – The end of relationships

PART 3 - Focus for 21st century sales management

Chapter 9 - Reputation management

Chapter 10 - Working with marketing

Chapter 11 - Leadership

Chapter 12 - Process management 

“…a serious, grown-up book on sales, full of relevant theory and practical examples of how sales can be more strategic and effective.” (The Marketer, September 2007)

"an excellent, concise and well-written guide, full of examples and references, based on the author’s deep and sustained experience". (B2B Marketing Online, Friday 7th September 2007)

"…helps sales teams become more successful by seeing the deal from the customer’s view." (The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 25th September 2007)

"Rogers uses copious box-outs and diagrams, and sources virtually all the latest evidence on business selling from around the world."  (Salesforce, January 2008)

"...Rogers uses copious box-outs and diagrams and, as befits an academic, sources virtually all the latest evidence" (Winning Edge, December 2008)