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Retroactive 10: Australian Curriculum for History and eBookPLUS

Retroactive 10: Australian Curriculum for History and eBookPLUS

ISBN: 978-0-730-33878-9

Nov 2012, Jacaranda

328 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Retroactive 10 Australian Curriculum for History provides an engaging and in-depth coverage of the new Australian Curriculum for History. Designed to develop students' understanding of key historical concepts and inquiry skills, the text integrates an authoritative coverage of topic content with a stimulating range of sources and graded activities.

• Overview chapters including links to relevant units in the depth study electives where units are based on the main content areas in each overview
• Depth study chapters provide a detailed coverage of the content descriptions in each elective
• An in-depth coverage of curriculum content integrated with stimulating sources and structured activities to give students the resources to thoroughly investigate these key historical concepts
• A skills and understanding review at the end of depth study chapters to give students further skills practice
• A dedicated ICT activities spread for each chapter which highlights all the ICT resources in eBookPLUS

Retroactive 10 Australian Curriculum for History eBookPLUS - an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

The eBookPLUS includes:
ProjectsPLUS, a unique ICT-based project which uses an exciting new research management system featuring media, templates and videos
• Interactivities and games to enhance student understanding through hands-on experience
• Video eLessons to bring key concepts to life
• Weblinks to useful support material on the internet

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About Retroactive vii

About the authors ix

Retroactive and the Australian Curriculum: History x

About eBookPLUS xii

Inside your Retroactive eBookPLUS xiii

Acknowledgements xiv

OVERVIEW: The modern world and Australia (1918–present)

Chapter 1 Overview: The modern world and Australia 2
1.1 Between the wars 4
1.2 Australia and world confl ict after 1945 11
1.3 The fi ght for rights and freedom 13
1.4 The Cold War and beyond 19
1.5 A developing world 32
ProjectsPLUS 44
DEPTH STUDY 1: World War II (1939–45)

Chapter 2 World War II 46
2.1 The origins of World War II 48
2.2 The European war begins 57
2.3 War in North Africa and the Mediterranean 60
2.4 War on the Eastern Front 64
2.5 Signifi cant event: the Holocaust 66
2.6 War in the Pacifi c 69
2.7 Prisoners of war 77
2.8 Ending the war 79
2.9 Signifi cant event: the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 82
2.10 The impact of war on the home front 85
2.11 The changing roles of women 93
2.12 Australia’s international relationships 99
Skills and understanding review 102
ProjectsPLUS 104
DEPTH STUDY 2: Rights and freedoms

Chapter 3 Rights and freedoms 106
3.1 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 108
3.2 The 1938 Day of Mourning 112
3.3 The Stolen Generations 115
3.4 The Civil Rights Movement 122
3.5 Charles Perkins and the 1965 Freedom Ride 127
3.6 Civil rights in Australia in the 1960s 133
3.7 Land rights and the Mabo decision 138
3.8 Bringing them home 142
3.9 The Apology 145
3.10 Securing civil rights and freedoms 147
Skills and understanding review 152
ProjectsPLUS 154
DEPTH STUDY 3: The globalising world

Chapter 4 Popular culture 156
4.1 Popular culture by the end of World War II 158
4.2 Background to popular culture, 1950s–1970s 163
4.3 Infl uences from abroad, 1950s–1970s 168
4.4 The changing nature of music and fi lm, 1950s–1970s 175
4.5 Sport in the 1950s–1970s 181
4.6 Background to popular culture, 1980s to the present 185
4.7 Australia’s contribution to popular culture: music and sport 190
4.8 Australia’s contribution to popular culture: radio, television and fi lm 195
Skills and understanding review 200
ProjectsPLUS 202
DEPTH STUDY 3: The globalising world

Chapter 5 The environment movement 204
5.1 Two stories 206
5.2 Early conservation movements 210
5.3 Danger signs and warnings 216
5.4 Population and environments 218
5.5 Australian lifestyles, resources and environments 221
5.6 Environmental disasters 226
5.7 New ways of thinking 233
5.8 The environment movement in Australia 240
5.9 Signifi cant campaigns 244
5.10 National and international action 252
Skills and understanding review 260
DEPTH STUDY 3: The globalising world

Chapter 6 Migration experiences 262
6.1 Post–World War II migration and world events 264
6.2 Government policies and patterns of migration 267
6.3 Changing Australia 273
6.4 The impact of world events on immigration to Australia 284
6.5 The migrant contribution to Australia 288
Skills and understanding review 300

Glossary 303

Index 309