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Retroactive 9: Australian Curriculum for History and eBookPLUS

Retroactive 9: Australian Curriculum for History and eBookPLUS

Maureen Anderson, Ian Keese, Anne Low, Kate Harvey

ISBN: 978-0-730-33874-1

Nov 2012, Jacaranda

336 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History provides an engaging and in-depth coverage of the new Australian Curriculum for History. Designed to develop students' understanding of key historical concepts and inquiry skills, the text integrates an authoritative coverage of topic content with a stimulating range of sources and graded activities.

• Overview chapters including links to relevant units in the depth study electives where units are based on the main content areas in each overview
• Depth study chapters provide a detailed coverage of the content descriptions in each elective
• An in-depth coverage of curriculum content integrated with stimulating sources and structured activities to give students the resources to thoroughly investigate these key historical concepts
• A skills and understanding review at the end of depth study chapters to give students further skills practice
• A dedicated ICT activities spread for each chapter which highlights all the ICT resources in eBookPLUS

Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History eBookPLUS - an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

The eBookPLUS includes:
ProjectsPLUS, a unique ICT-based project which uses an exciting new research management system featuring media, templates and videos
• Interactivities and games to enhance student understanding through hands-on experience
• Video eLessons to bring key concepts to life
• Weblinks to useful support material on the internet

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About the authors vii
Retroactive and the Australian Curriculum: History viii
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Acknowledgements xii

OVERVIEW: The making of the modern world (1750–1918)
Chapter 1 Overview: the making of the modern world 2
1.1 The Industrial Revolution — nature and significance 4
1.2 The movement of peoples 13
1.3 European imperial expansion 19
1.4 Economic, social and political ideas of the modern world 26

DEPTH STUDY 1: Making a better world?
Chapter 2 Progressive ideas and movements 40
2.1 Capitalism 42
2.2 Chartism 1836–1860 49
2.3 Darwinism 55
2.4 Egalitarianism 60
2.5 Imperialism 65
2.6 Nationalism 71
2.7 Socialism 77
Skills and understanding review 82

DEPTH STUDY 1: Making a better world?
Chapter 3 The Industrial Revolution 84
3.1 Background to the Industrial Revolution 86
3.2 Improvements in agriculture 90
3.3 Born to shop — the importance of consumerism 94
3.4 Cotton: the transformation of the textile industry 99
3.5 The age of coal and iron 102
3.6 Steam engines and locomotion 105
3.7 The global impact of industrialisation 108
3.8 The impact in Australia 115
3.9 Lives of men, women and children 121
Skills and understanding review 126

DEPTH STUDY 1: Making a better world?
Chapter 4 Movement of peoples 128
4.1 Infl uence of the Industrial Revolution 130
4.2 Experiences of slaves 137
4.3 Impacts of slavery 145
4.4 Experiences of convicts 149
4.5 Experiences of settlers 155
4.6 Impacts of European settlement on Aboriginal people 159
4.7 Impacts of settlement — the development of Australia 168
Skills and understanding review 170
ProjectsPLUS 172

DEPTH STUDY 2: Australia and Asia
Chapter 5 China and the world 174
5.1 China — the Middle Kingdom 176
5.2 Emperors on the Dragon Throne 178
5.3 Traditional Chinese society 180
5.4 Chinese culture and beliefs 184
5.5 Contact, confl ict and change 187
5.6 Empress Dowager Cixi 197
5.7 China in the modern world 198
Skills and understanding review 206

DEPTH STUDY 2: Australia and Asia
Chapter 6 Making a nation 208
6.1 The extension of settlement 210
6.2 Aboriginal contact and its consequences 217
6.3 The experiences of non-Europeans 222
6.4 Living and working conditions in Australia around 1900 228
6.5 The growth of cities 237
6.6 Development of self-government 240
6.7 Democratic rights 251
6.8 Creating a nation 254
Skills and understanding review 260
ProjectsPLUS 262

DEPTH STUDY 3: World War I
Chapter 7 World War I 264
7.1 The origins of World War I 266
7.2 Australia’s involvement: ‘to our last man and our last shilling’ 270
7.3 The Gallipoli campaign 274
7.4 Australians on the Western Front 284
7.5 War’s impact on the home front 289
7.6 The conscription debate divides Australia 299
7.7 Australia’s commemoration of World War I 306
7.8 Creating and debating the Anzac legend 310
Skills and understanding review 314
ProjectsPLUS 316

Glossary 318
Index 321