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Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History & eBookPLUS + Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History Student Workbook (Bonus)

Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History & eBookPLUS + Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History Student Workbook (Bonus)


ISBN: 978-1-118-37583-9


352 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History provides an engaging and in-depth coverage of the new Australian Curriculum for History. Designed to develop students' understanding of key historical concepts and inquiry skills, the text integrates an authoritative coverage of topic content with a stimulating range of sources and graded activities.

• Overview chapters including links to relevant units in the depth study electives where units are based on the main content areas in each overview
• Depth study chapters provide a detailed coverage of the content descriptions in each elective
• An in-depth coverage of curriculum content integrated with stimulating sources and structured activities to give students the resources to thoroughly investigate these key historical concepts
• A skills and understanding review at the end of depth study chapters to give students further skills practice
• A dedicated ICT activities spread for each chapter which highlights all the ICT resources in eBookPLUS

Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

The eBookPLUS includes:
ProjectsPLUS, a unique ICT-based project which uses an exciting new research management system featuring media, templates and videos
• Interactivities and games to enhance student understanding through hands-on experience
• Video eLessons to bring key concepts to life
• Weblinks to useful support material on the internet


Retroactive 9 Australian Curriculum for History Student Workbook is designed to deepen and enhance student learning with additional classroom or homework activities for each chapter.

• Thinking tools worksheets that explore a range of helpful thinking tools
• Vocabulary worksheets to help students develop subject-specific language and terminology
• Visual learning worksheets help to foster visual literacy
• Summing up worksheets allow students to check their understanding of key content and concepts
• Looking back worksheets provide a structured way for students to reflect on the progress of their learning.

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Overview: The Making of the Modern World

CHAPTER 1 - The making of the modern world (c. 1750 - 1918)

Depth Study 1: Making a Better World?

CHAPTER 2 - Progressive ideas and movements (1750 - 1914)

CHAPTER 3 - The industrial revolution (1750 - 1914)

CHAPTER 4 - Movement of peoples (1750 - 1901)

Depth Study 2: Australia and Asia

CHAPTER 5 - Asia and the world: China

CHAPTER 6 - Making a nation

Depth Study 3: World War I

CHAPTER 7 - World War I (1914 - 1918)