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Retrofitting Case Studies

Retrofitting Case Studies

Ellen Dunham-Jones, June Williamson

ISBN: 978-1-119-14919-4

Oct 2019

280 pages


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Demonstrates how suburbia is transforming due to the retrofitting movement

Architects and developers are proving that the retrofitting drive is making a big difference in how we improve our world. Focusing on the essential challenges for redevelopment in the 21st century, this fully-illustrated, colorful book showcases exemplary built case studies from around the globe and highlights the solutions that have been realized.

Filled with examples of successful suburban projects that have been redeveloped, re-inhabited, and regreened for the betterment of the community and the environment, The Retrofitting Suburbia Case Studies: Designs for 21st-Century Challenges starts by introducing readers to the subject. It then continues with enlightening chapter coverage of case studies involving: Redesigning Water; Innovating Energy Planning; Reducing Auto-Dependency; Improving Public Health; Retrofitting for an Aging Population; Ramping Affordability; Creating and Competing for Jobs; International Challenges; Financing Change; and Design Inspiration.

  • By the authors of the highly acclaimed Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design: Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs
  • Demonstrates what can and already has been realized in suburbia by focusing on case studies of retrofitted suburban developments
  • Features case studies from North American and around the world
  • Illustrated in full-color with photos, maps, plans, and diagrams

The Retrofitting Suburbia Case Studies: Designs for 21st-Century Challenges is an important book for students and professionals involved in urban design, architecture, urban planning, and development.

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