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Return on Experience

Return on Experience

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Jeffrey Yip

ISBN: 978-1-604-91074-2

Jan 2010, Pfeiffer

32 pages

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Leadership is best learned from experience, but learning from experience is not always automatic. This guidebook introduces you to a return-on-experience framework. Using this ROE framework, you actively seek to learn from experience in order to build your mastery, broaden your versatility, and benefit your organization. When you understand and apply the framework in your work and organization, everyday experiences can be transformed into an engine for leader development and organizational impact.
7 Experience as a Leadership Engine

8 Build, Broaden, Benefit

11 Build: Heighten Your Mastery

16 Broaden: Increase Your Versatility

19 Benefit: Enhance Your Impact

23 Create Your ROE Portfolio

27 Experience Sets You Apart

29 Suggested Readings

30 Background

31 Key Point Summary