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Review of Development Economics

Review of Development Economics

Edited By:Professor Andy McKay

Vol 22(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1363-6669 Online ISSN: 1467-9361 Impact Factor: .540


The Review of Development Economics is a leading journal publishing high-quality research in development economics. The Review of Development Economics publishes rigorous analytical papers, theoretical and empirical, which deal with contemporary growth problems of developing countries, including the transition economies.

The Review not only serves as a link between theorists and practitioners, but also builds a bridge between development economists and their colleagues in related fields. While the level of the Review of Development Economics is academic, the materials presented are of value to policy-makers and researchers, especially those in developing countries.

The Review is a refereed journal, devoted to the publication of high-quality manuscripts on a wide range of topics in development economics, including:

  • growth theory

  • natural resources

  • technological change

  • productivity

  • country studies

  • agricultural development

  • migration

  • income distribution

  • commercial policy

  • population and the environment

The editors of Review of Development Economics recognize the need for timely communication of our research findings to scholars, practitioners and policy-makers.

What Changes Will Economic Growth Bring to Developing Countries in the 21st Century?
- The Review encourages development economists to ponder this broad question and more. It embraces all the new issues of interest to developing and developed economies that might emerge as the 21st century progresses as well as providing an outlet for high-quality research.