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Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 24

Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 24


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Reviews In Computational Chemistry

Martin Schoen and Sabine Klapp

Kenny B. Lipkowitz and Thomas Cundari, Series Editors

This volume, unlike those prior to it, consists of a single monograph covering the timely topic of confined fluids. Volume 24 features the thermodynamics of confined phases, elements of statistical thermodynamics, one-dimensional hard-rod fluids, mean-field theory, treatments of confined fluids with short-range and long-range interactions, and the statistical mechanics of disordered confined fluids. Six appendices are included, which cover the mathematical derivation of equations used throughout the book.

From Reviews Of The Series

"Reviews in Computational Chemistry remains the most valuable reference to methods and techniques in computational chemistry."
-Journal Of Molecular Graphics And Modelling

"One cannot generally do better than to try to find an appropriate article in the highly successful Reviews in Computational Chemistry. The basic philosophy of the editors seems to be to help the authors produce chapters that are complete, accurate, clear, and accessible to experimentalists (in particular) and other nonspecialists (in general)."
-Journal Of The American Chemical Society