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Reviews of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry

Reviews of Reactive Intermediate Chemistry

Matthew S. Platz (Editor), Robert A. Moss (Editor), Maitland Jones Jr. (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-12081-1

Apr 2007

760 pages



The chemistry of reactive intermediates is central to a modern mechanistic and quantitative understanding of organic chemistry. Moreover, it underlies a significant portion of modern synthetic chemistry and is integral to a molecular view of biological chemistry. Reviews in Reactive Intermediate Chemistry presents an up-to-date, authoritative guide to this fundamental topic. Although it follows Reactive Intermediate Chemistry by the same authors, it serves as a free-standing resource for the entire chemical and biochemical community.

The book includes:

  • Relevant, practical applications
  • Coverage of such topics as mass spectrometry methods, reactive intermediates in interstellar medium, quantum mechanical tunnelling, solvent effects, reactive intermediates in biochemical processes, and excited state surfaces
  • Discussions of emerging areas, particularly those involving dynamics and theories
  • Concluding sections identifying key directions for future research are provided at the end of each chapter



1. Tetrahedral Intermediates Derived from Carbonyl Compounds, Pentacoordinate Intermediates Derived from Phosphoryl and Sulfonyl Compounds, and Concerted Paths Which Avoid Them (J.P. Guthrie).

2. Silicon-, Germanium-, and Tin-Centered Cations, Radicals, and Anions (V.Y. Lee and A. Sekiguchi).


3. An Introduction to Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Its Application to Reactive Intermediates (D.L. Phillips, W.M. Kwok, and C. Ma).

4. Time-Resolved Infrared (TRIR) Studies of Organic Reactive Intermediates (J.P. Toscano).

5. Studies of the Thermochemical Properties of Reactive Intermediates by Mass Spectrometric Methods (P.G. Wenthold).

6. Reactive Intermediates in Combustion (J.K. Merle and C.M. Hadad).

7. Reactive Intermediates in Crystals: Form and Function (L.M. Campos and M.A. Garcia-Garibay).

8. The Chemical Reactions of DNA Damage and Degradation (K.S. Gates).

9. Conical Intersection Species as Reactive Intermediates (M.J. Bearpark and M.A. Robb).

10. Quantum Mechanical Tunneling in Organic Reactive Intermediates (R.S. Sheridan).


""I certainly recommend that one should buy this book, especially to be used together with Reactive Intermediate Chemistry...""  (Angewandte Chemie, Intern. Edition, November 2007)