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Rewarding Excellence: Pay Strategies for the New Economy

Rewarding Excellence: Pay Strategies for the New Economy

Edward E. Lawler III

ISBN: 978-0-787-95074-3 December 1999 Jossey-Bass 352 Pages


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In this work, acclaimed management expert Edward Lawler tells companies what they can do to meet today's ""rewards systems challenge""--attracting and retaining talented employees in a market where the employees hold the upper hand. Here, Lawler outlines a creative compensation system that recognizes employee knowledge and skill as a critical aspect of an organization's net worth. In basing his system on the individual employee's value to the organization, Lawler introduces an approach to compensation that simultaneously motivates employees to higher levels of performance and increases shareholder value.

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Preface The Author Introduction
Part One: Rewards and Organizational Performance
1. Organizational Effectiveness: The New Logic
2. Reward System Design Choices
3. Motivating and Satisfying Excellent Individuals
Part Two: Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Employees
4. Attracting and Selecting Excellent Employees
5. Job- and Seniority-Based Approaches
6. Developing and Retaining the Right Individuals
Part Three: Rewarding Performance
7. Rewarding Individual Performance
8. Appraising Performance
9. Rewarding Team Excellence
10. Rewarding Organizational Excellence
Part Four: Strategic Design
11. Strategic Reward System Design
12. Creating High Performance Organizations
""Ed Lawler again expands our knowledge regarding a critical management challenge: how to align reward systems with the evolving organizational forms emerging in the new economy. In this new book, he provides CEOs and HR leaders with an easy-to-follow map for building organizational effectiveness through strategic reward system design."" --Daryl D. David, vice president of human resources and strategic growth,, Inc.

""Once again, Ed Lawler has written a book human resource professionals can use. Rewarding Excellence provides an excellent blueprint on how to design compensation systems that will attract and retain workers in today's knowledge economy."" --Michael R. Losey, president and CEO, Society for Human Resource Management

""Leadership capital is a vital corporate resource-perhaps the most critical of all in building for the future. As the 'war for talent' escalates, Ed Lawler's new book provides companies of all sizes with innovative ways to attract, retain, and motivate executives-and to maintain competitive advantage."" --Richard M. Ferry, chairman, Korn/Ferry International

""Worried about your business in the new millennium business economy? Ed Lawler provides cutting-edge concepts for building high-performance organizations!"" --Steven L. Miller, chairman, president and CEO, Shell Oil Company