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Rewarding Teams: Lessons from the Trenches



Rewarding Teams: Lessons from the Trenches

Glenn Parker, Jerry McAdams, David Zielinski

ISBN: 978-0-787-98043-6 November 2004 Jossey-Bass 240 Pages


Using actual case studies from a variety of leading companies, Rewarding Teams provides a blueprint for building team reward programs that spur development and success. The book focuses on the three most important types of team-based rewards programs--recognition plans, project team incentives, and group incentives--offering readers detailed advice on how they can create and implement such programs themselves. Twenty-seven profiles of team reward and recognition plans from today's top companies give readers an in-depth look at how these plans work in actual practice. They also provide the basis for the set of best principles included in the final chapter.
1. The Natural History of a Work Team
2. The Missing Link: Meaningful Team Rewards
3. Company Profiles -- Recognition Plans Introduction Chase Manhattan Markam Merck & Company Operations Management International Ralston Purina Company
4. Company Profiles -- Project Team Incentives Introduction Great Plains Software Community Health Care Bayer Corporation Utilicorp United Lotus Development Company
5. Company Profiles -- Organizational Unit ("Group") Incentives Introduction Rockwell Automation Mid-States Technical Staffing Services Ameritech Internal Audit Services Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation RR Donnelley & Sons The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher (ASCAP) CARS IV Research
What We've Learned: Lessons from the Trenches
Bibliography Index
"In today's world, where virtual, global teams are often the norm, Rewarding Teams delivers reward and recognition strategies that can make a real difference in the effective management of teams-a necessity for individuals and organization in the twenty-first century." --Tim Walker, director, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Center for Leadership Development

" 'Lessons from the Trenches' are the operative words here: the authors have spent a lot of time in companies, seeing what works and what doesn't. If you're trying to figure out how to reward you company's teams-and these days, who isn't?-this is the book for you." --John Case, executive editor, Harvard Business School Publishing

"At last, a book that demonstrates how two dozen top companies use rewards to make teams work. A useful handbook for human resource and line managers alike." --Jon R. Katzenbach, senior partner, Katzenbach Partners LLC