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Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide, 2nd Edition

Risk Arbitrage: An Investor's Guide, 2nd Edition

Keith M. Moore, Jason Dahl, Christopher Pultz

ISBN: 978-0-470-37974-5

May 2018

304 pages




The definitive guide to risk arbitrage, fully updated with new laws, cases, and techniques

Risk Arbitrage is the definitive guide to the field and features a comprehensive overview of the theory, techniques, and tools that traders and risk managers need to be effective. This new edition is completely updated and fully revised to reflect the changes to laws and technology and includes new case studies and a detailed discussion of computer-based trading systems. Readers gain deep insight into the factors and policies that affect merger transactions, and the new developments that allow individuals to compete with professionals in managing risk arbitrage portfolios. The book provides techniques for computing spreads and determining risk, with practice exercises that allow readers to become confident with new methods before using them professionally.

The current wave of corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and similar transactions has created unprecedented opportunities for those versed in contemporary risk arbitrage techniques. At the same time, the nature of the current merger wave has lent such transactions a much higher degree of predictability than ever before, making risk arbitrage more attractive to all types of investors. Risk Arbitrage provides the essential guidance needed to participate in the business.

  • Get up to date on the most recent developments in risk arbitrage
  • Examine new mergers and the legal changes that affect them
  • Learn how computers and trading systems have affected competition
  • Use the tools that enable risk determination and spread computation

Both the growth in hedge funds and the changing nature of the merger and acquisition business have affected risk arbitrage processes and techniques. For the finance professional who needs expert guidance and the latest information, Risk Arbitrage is a comprehensive guide.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What Is Risk Arbitrage?

Chapter 3: The Risk Arbitrage Industry

Chapter 4: Estimating the Return on a Risk Arbitrage Position

Chapter 5: Estimating the Risk of Arbitrage Transactions

Chapter 6: Estimating the Probability of a Transaction’s Occurrence

Chapter 7: The Risk Arbitrage Decision Process

Chapter 8: Contested Takeovers

Chapter 9: Trading Tactics

Chapter 10: Portfolio Management

Chapter 11: The Exciting World of Risk Arbitrage

Appendix A: Tender Offer Document

Appendix B: Airgas/Air Products—Text of Court Decision

Appendix C: Whole Foods Markets—Excerpts from Proxy Statement

Appendix D: Straight Path Communications—Excerpts from Proxy Statement

Appendix E: Straight Path Communications—Excerpts from STRP’s 8-K Filed on April 13,  2017