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Risk Assessment in People With Learning Disabilities, 2nd Edition



Risk Assessment in People With Learning Disabilities, 2nd Edition

Carol Sellars

ISBN: 978-0-470-97485-8 September 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 196 Pages


Risk Assessment in People with Learning Disabilities, Second Edition reflects legislative updates made over the past decade while continuing to demystify the process of assessing risk for people with intellectual impairment (previously called 'learning disabilities').
  • Revisits techniques of risk assessment outlined in First Edition in light of the recent legislative changes, most notably the 2005 Mental Capacity Act
  • Covers methods of assessing a person's capacity to consent in a range of situations, from the everyday, to complex medical or psychological scenarios
  • Covers implications of new guidelines issued in relation to the Care Programme Approach (CPA)
Preface: Introduction to Second Edition vii

Chapter 1 Assessing Risks in the Lives of People with Intellectual Impairment 1

Chapter 2 The Problem of Predicting Risk 13

Chapter 3 Assessing Risks and Establishing Care Plans 27

Chapter 4 Everyday Risks 47

Chapter 5 Parents with Intellectual Impairment 69

Chapter 6 Self-harm, Mental Illness and Risk 89

Chapter 7 Other Mental Disorders and Associated Risks 103

Chapter 8 Violence and Offending in People with Intellectual Impairment 123

Chapter 9 Sex Offenders with Intellectual Impairment 141

Chapter 10 Assessment of Risk with Those You Care For: the Way Forward 155

References and Suggested Further Reading 167

Index 171