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Risk Management in Banking - Workbook, 4th Edition

Risk Management in Banking - Workbook, 4th Edition

Brian O'Kelly, Joël Bessis

ISBN: 978-1-118-92567-6

Jun 2017

224 pages

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Apply risk management concepts for better understanding

Risk Management in Banking – Workbook is the definitive resource that makes Risk Management in Banking more accessible to both students and practitioners. Following the seminal text chapter-by-chapter, this useful workbook reinforces the material from a practical aspect, dispelling confusion and providing hands-on practice. Each chapter contains sample questions with Excel-based solutions, and a detailed set of slides that highlight the key points. Fully worked examples allow readers to follow along step by step to see how solutions are found, helping them understand the process as well as the foundational theory. Instructors will find the slides useful for classroom lectures, and practitioners will find the material to be a practical resource to illustrate real-world application.

Reading through theory only takes learning so far – especially for a topic as critical as risk management, it is important to gain the deeper understanding that only hands-on practice can bring. This workbook provides plenty of practice and review opportunities, designed specifically to align directly with the text.

  • Test information retention with sample questions for each chapter
  • Follow worked examples to clarify complex problems
  • Review slides that highlight key points from each chapter
  • Understand the material from a more practical perspective

Whether used as a course textbook, a comprehensive study aid, or a professional quick reference, this workbook is a valuable resource to those interested in risk management, regardless of level. For those who prefer to learn by doing, Risk Management in Banking – Workbook contains all the 'need-to-know' topics assembled in a single volume.