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Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle: A Business Fable

Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle: A Business Fable

Kevin Daum , Daniel A. Turner (With)

ISBN: 978-0-470-60986-6

Mar 2010

256 pages



Don't just get your message out. ROAR it out!

In this captivating parable, you'll follow Ryan Miller, an executive struggling with reduced sales in a challenging economy. Ryan is mentored by his old Livingston, New Jersey high school friend, Lenny Bernstein, now a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn having great success in his packaging business. Over a series of lunches around New York City, Lenny shares the key insights that have driven his sales through the roof, while allowing him to run his business efficiently-and still have plenty of time for family. Lenny explains the simple mnemonic R-O-A-R

  • Recognize the four types of buyers
  • Observe from the buyer's perspective, and adapt your message
  • Acknowledge the buyer's special wants and needs
  • Resolve the buyer's issues

Praised by renowned money manager Ken Fisher, Roar! gives you a 3,500-year-old sales secret that has never before been articulated in a business context, one you can use to recharge your sales operation and revitalize both your business and your life. It may be a jungle out there, but it's a little less scary once you know how to ROAR!

Chapter 1 The Meeting.

Chapter 2 Visiting the V.P.

Chapter 3 Following Up.

Chapter 4 The 3,500-Year-Old Process.

Chapter 5 The Wise Buyer.

Chapter 6 The Cynical Buyer.

Chapter 7 The Simple Buyer.

Chapter 8 The Disinterested Buyer.

Chapter 9 The Referral.

Chapter 10 The Sales Call.


Summary of ROAR! Concepts.

Integrating the ROAR! Approach.

Our Inspiration.


About the Authors.

Bonus Chapter and Coupon.