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Robotic Systems : From Modelling to Construction

Robotic Systems : From Modelling to Construction

Euan McGookin, Kevin Worrall, Chris Watts

ISBN: 978-3-527-40809-2

Jan 1991

700 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The book covers two distinct areas, the development of mathematical models and controlling algorithms for the common types of robots and the practical work involved in the construction of robotic systems. Worked examples, exercises and design projects are featured as well.
Chapter 1: A Brief History of Robotic Systems: from Asimov to Asimo
1.1 What is a Robotic System?
1.2 Historical Robots
1.3 Asimov and the Laws of Robotics
1.4 Classifications
1.5 Industrial Robotics
1.6 Robot Superstars
1.7 Robots on the move
1.8 Robots in the home
1.9 Biomimetic Robots
1.10 Book outline
Chapter 2: Actuation and Propulsion Systems
2.1 Actuation and Propulsion: Robotic Foundation
2.2 Electromechanical Actuators
2.3 Pneumatic Actuators
2.4 Hydraulic Actuators
2.5 Ground Based Propulsion
2.6 Underwater Based Propulsion
2.7 Air Based Propulsion
2.8 Exercises
Chapter 3: Kinematics and Dynamics of Robot Manipulators
3.1 Modelling Robot Manipulators
3.2 Types of Robot Manipulators
3.3 Multiple Degrees of Freedom Kinematics
3.4 Manipulator Statics and Dynamics
3.5 Model Representation
3.6 Exercises
Chapter 4: Kinematics and Dynamics of Mobile Robotic Systems
4.1 Modelling Mobile Robotic Systems
4.2 Types of Mobile Robotic Systems
4.3 Generic Euler Angle Kinematics
4.4 Generic Rigid Body Dynamics
4.5 Dynamics of Ground Based Robotic Systems
4.6 Dynamics of Underwater Robotic Systems
4.7 Dynamics of Air Based Robotic Systems
4.8 Model Representation
4.9 Exercises
Chapter 5: Sensor Systems
5.1 Giving Sense to Robotic Systems
5.2 Sensor Characteristics
5.3 Position Sensors
5.4 Proximity Sensors
5.5 Motion Sensors
5.6 Force and Pressure Sensors
5.7 Temperature Sensors
5.8 Light Sensors
5.9 Sensor Specification
5.10 Exercises
Chapter 6: Inertial Measurement for Robotic Systems
6.1 Approaches to Inertial Measurement
6.2 Accelerometers
6.3 Gyroscopes
6.4 Inertial Measurement Units
6.5 MEMS Inertial Measurements
6.6 Vision Based Measurements
6.7 Exercises
Chapter 7: Controller Design for Robotic Systems
7.1 Basics of Automatic Control
7.2 Control Methodologies
7.3 Digital Control Design
7.4 Control of Robot Manipulators
7.5 Control of Ground Based Robotic Systems
7.6 Control of Underwater Based Robotic Systems
7.7 Control of Air Based Robotic Systems
7.8 Exercises
Chapter 8: Guidance and Navigation
8.1 Robots Finding Their Way
8.2 Path and Trajectory Planning
8.3 Basic Navigation Principles
8.4 Automated Route Planning
8.5 Obstacle Avoidance
8.6 Exercises
Chapter 9: Hardware Implementation Considerations
9.1 Putting Robots Together
9.2 Motor Control
9.3 Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
9.4 Sensor Fusion
9.5 Signal Transmission and Conditioning
9.6 Power
9.7 Projects
Chapter 10: Robotic System Design and Construction
10.1 Building Your Own Robot
10.2 Design Project for Robot Manipulator
10.3 Design Project for Ground Based Robotic System
10.4 Design Project for Underwater Based Robotic System
10.5 Design Project for Air Based Robotic System
10.6 Further Projects