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Robust Control: Youla Parameterization Approach

Robust Control: Youla Parameterization Approach

Francis Assadian, Kevin R. Mallon

ISBN: 978-1-119-50030-8

May 2020

525 pages

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Robust Control: Youla Parameterization Approach is a comprehensive volume which covers efficient methods of designing robust control systems and explains the development of robust control design to those without a theoretical background in controls. It bridges the gap between industrial application of controls and theoretical controls by illustrating how feedback control can be elegantly designed in the frequency domain using the Youla parametrization approach.

This book includes many practical applications in utilizing the Youla parameterization technique in both Single Input Single Output (SISO) frequency domain feedback control design and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) design). In addition, an estimation technique using Youla parameterization and controller output observer is introduced. Although, the emphasis of this book is on frequency domain, optimal robust control approaches using state-space approaches are also discussed. The authors provide comparative results through practical examples between the optimal robust control methods and the Youla parameterization approach.