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Rocks and Rock Minerals

Rocks and Rock Minerals

Richard V. Dietrich, Brian J Skinner

ISBN: 978-0-471-02934-2

Jul 1979

336 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A contemporary successor to the Louis V. Pirsson and Adolph Knopf editions, providing a guide and reference that explains how rocks occur, their commercial usage, and how to identify them through macroscopic, handspecimen features. Gives complete coverage of rock-forming minerals, rocks and man-made, rock-like materials, as well as meteorites, impactites, grossans, and more. Tables are provided for identifications based on megascopic examinations and simple field tests that require no sophisticated laboratory equipment. Plus, numerous illustrations represent rocks and rock-forming minerals as they appear in nature.

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The Rock-Forming Minerals.

Determination of Rock-forming Minerals.

Igneous and Pyroclastic Rocks.

Sedimentary and Diagenetic Rocks.

Metamorphic Rocks and Migmatites.

Other Rocks and Pseudo-Rocks.

Identification Tables for Rocks.