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Roitt's Essential Immunology, 12th Edition

Roitt's Essential Immunology, 12th Edition

Peter J. Delves, Seamus J. Martin, Dennis R. Burton, Ivan M. Roitt

ISBN: 978-1-444-39482-5 May 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages




BMA Book of the Year 2012
First prize in Basic and Clinical Sciences,
BMA Book Awards 2012

Roitt's Essential Immunology - the textbook of choice for students and instructors of immunology worldwide

Bringing you fully up-to-date with the latest knowledge and concepts about the workings of the immune system, the hallmark easy-reading style of Roitt's Essential Immunology clearly explains the key principles needed by medical and health sciences students, from the basis of immunity to clinical applications.

Beautifully presented, with brand new illustrations, the pedagogy has been strengthened throughout, and includes “just to recap…” sections at the beginning of each chapter, reminding the reader of key findings and principles, and summary sections at the end of each chapter that are ideal for quick study and revision.

Also available as a FREE enhanced Wiley Desktop Edition (upon purchase of the book), Roitt's Essential Immunology is supported by a suite of online resources at including:

  • Interactive MCQs and SBA questions for each chapter, with feedback on all answers selected
  • Animations and videos showing key concepts
  • Fully downloadable figures and illustrations, further reading and useful links
  • Extracts from the Encyclopaedia of Life Science
  • Podcasts to reinforce the key principles explained in the text: ideal for revision 'on the go'
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Acknowledgments vi

Preface vii

Abbreviations viii

How to get the best out of your textbook xii

PART 1: Fundamentals of Immunology

1. Innate immunity 3

2. Specifi c acquired immunity 35

3. Antibodies 53

4. Membrane receptors for antigen 79

5. The primary interaction with antigen 113

6. Immunological methods and applications 141

7. The anatomy of the immune response 188

8. Lymphocyte activation 205

9. The production of effectors 226

10. Control mechanisms 263

11. Ontogeny and phylogeny 283

PART 2: Applied Immunology

12. Adversarial strategies during infection 313

13. Vaccines 345

14. Immunodefi ciency 369

15. Allergy and other hypersensitivities 394

16. Transplantation 423

17. Tumor immunology 445

18. Autoimmune diseases 475

Glossary 511

Index 522

  • Improved navigation – features a brand new text design, with clearer chapter openings, TOCs, and 're-cap' features. 
  • Extensive updates to immunological science throughout; vaccines chapter has been completely re-written.
  • Complete overhaul of the companion website, with new questions, existing animations (relabelled), video clips, sample Encyclopaedia of Life Sciences content, revision podacats, and all figures/tables downloadable.   
"Roitt's Essential Immunology is of great interest to a medical student, perfect for a clinician dealing with patients with hypersensitivity reactions or autoimmune conditions and useful even to an experienced immunologist. This book is truly a 21st century publication designed for a modern reader who wishes to gain and further their knowledge of immunology." (World Allergy Organization, 1 November 2011)

"However, Roitt's is a fine choice for a basic immunology course. Because of the many changes in what we know about the immune system, a new edition is welcome." (Doody's, 14 October 2011)


The core textbook of choice for immunology instructors globally, due to it's scope and organisation

‘Just to re-cap’ boxes, key topics lists, 'milestone' boxes and end of chapter summaries ensure independent and self-contained chapters - allowing students to pick and choose which elements they use

Includes fully updated artwork: over 400 line illustrations, 110 colour photographs and 60 black and white photographs

Fully supported by a suite of online MCQs, SBAs and answers, video clips, and material from the Encyclopaedia of Life Sciences

Available as a FREE enhanced Wiley Desktop Edition (upon purchase of the textbook) - an interactive digital version of the book featuring downloadable text and images, highlighting and note taking facilities, book marking, cross-referencing, in-text searching, and linking to references and glossary terms