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Rugby For Dummies, 3rd Edition (North American Edition)

Rugby For Dummies, 3rd Edition (North American Edition)

Mathew Brown, Patrick Guthrie, Greg Growden

ISBN: 978-1-118-08689-6 September 2011 384 Pages




The official guide to rugby in North America, revised and updated

Rugby For Dummies is the guide to rugby in North America, endorsed by USA Rugby and Rugby Canada, the official regulating bodies for the sport. It gives you a look at how rugby is played, offers strategies for winning, and covers every level of the sport, from high school to college (including women's rugby) to the international leagues. Plus, this new edition addresses changes to the rules of rugby, includes new rugby player bios, and looks at rugby's upcoming return to the Olympic games.

Inside you'll find easy-to-understand explanations of rugby rules and positions, plus in-depth lessons on skills, fitness training, and winning techniques. Add in entertaining stories from rugby in North America and around the world, and you've got the definitive book on rugby!

  • Covers every level of the sport
  • Includes the latest rules and information on rugby
  • Discusses rugby's return to the Olympic games

Whether you're new to rugby or a scrum veteran, this friendly guide is for you.

Introduction 1

Part I: Rugby: Roots, Boots, and All 7

Chapter 1: Rugby's Beginnings, Allure, and a Basic Overview 9

Chapter 2: The Basics 19

Chapter 3: Grab Your Rugby Gear 33

Part II: Getting Down and Dirty 45

Chapter 4: Location, Location, Location: Positions on the Pitch 47

Chapter 5: Laying Down the Laws 65

Chapter 6: Understanding the Fundamentals 77

Chapter 7: Playing the Game 97

Chapter 8: The Art of Scrummaging 113

Chapter 9: Lineouts: Restarting from Touch 127

Chapter 10: Individual Skills 143

Chapter 11: Tactics and Teamwork 165

Chapter 12: Talented Training 183

Part III: Welcome to the Oval Planet 193

Chapter 13: The World Cup 195

Chapter 14: The International Calendar 211

Chapter 15: North American Rugby 227

Chapter 16: Amateur Rugby in North America 243

Chapter 17: Collegiate, High School, and Youth Rugby in North America 251

Part IV: Coaching and Refereeing 259

Chapter 18: Coaching 261

Chapter 19: Coaching Certifi cation and Advancement 273

Chapter 20: Managing the Game: The Referee 281

Part V: Following the Game: The Informed Fan 289

Chapter 21: Get Your Game: Rugby on TV 291

Chapter 22: Spectating and Staying in Touch with Rugby News 297

Part VI: The Part of Tens 309

Chapter 23: The Ten Greatest North American Men 311

Chapter 24: The Ten Greatest North American Women 317

Chapter 25: The Ten Best Rugby Moments 323

Glossary 331

Index 341