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Rugby Union Basics In A Day For Dummies



Rugby Union Basics In A Day For Dummies

Nick Cain, Greg Growden

ISBN: 978-1-118-38012-3 May 2012 80 Pages


If you get a big kick out of rugby but still feel you could sharpen up your knowledge of the game, Rugby Rules in a Day For Dummies is for you. Inside you'll find easy-to-understand advice on the basic rules of the game, pitch positions, and tactics. In less than a day, readers will find all they need to know to get understand the sport of rugby:

  • Features an in-depth look at Laws that form the beautiful game
  • Covers all the reader will need to know about talking tactics
  • Is perfect for anyone looking at swatting up on rugby

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Rudimentary Rugby 3

Chapter 2: Positions on the Pitch 15

Chapter 3: Laying Down the Laws 33

Chapter 4: Breaking Down the Breakdown 47

Chapter 5: Leaping Lineouts 63

Chapter 6: Where to Go from Here 71

1_Ten Peculiar Facts About Rugby
2_Glossary: A to D
3_Glossary: E to L
4_Glossary: M to R
5_Glossary: S to Z