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Rule and Rupture: State Formation Through the Production of Property and Citizenship



Rule and Rupture: State Formation Through the Production of Property and Citizenship

Christian Lund (Editor), Michael Eilenberg (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-38480-9 May 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 280 Pages


Rule and Rupture - State Formation Through the Production of Property and Citizenship examines the ways in which political authority is defined and created by the rights of community membership and access to resources.

  • Combines the latest theory on property rights and citizenship with extensive fieldwork to provide a more complex, nuanced assessment of political states commonly viewed as  “weak,” “fragile,” and “failed”
  • Contains ten case studies taken from post-colonial settings around the world, including Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, and Bolivia
  • Characterizes the results of societal ruptures into three types of outcomes for political power: reconstituted and consolidated, challenged, and fragmented
  • Brings together exciting insights from a global group of scholars in the fields of political science, development studies, and geography

Notes on Contributors vii

1 Rule and Rupture: State Formation through the Production of Property and Citizenship 1
Christian Lund

2 Repatriation, Refoulement, Repair 31
Erin Collins

3 The Exemplary Citizen on the Exemplary Hill: The Production of Political Subjects in Contemporary Rural Rwanda 49
An Ansoms and Giuseppe D. Cioffo

4 Making Territory:War, Post-war and the Entangled Scales of Contested Forest Governance in Mid-Western Nepal 71
Sarah Byrne, Andrea J. Nightingale and Benedikt Korf

5 Violence Entrepreneurs, Law and Authority in Colombia 95
Jacobo Grajales

6 Occupied! Property, Citizenship and Peasant Movements in Rural Java 117
Christian Lund and Noer Fauzi Rachman

7 A State of Fragmentation: Enacting Sovereignty and Citizenship at the Edge of the Indonesian State 139
Michael Eilenberg

8 The Construction of the ‘Self’ in Conflicts around Land in Contemporary Tarabuco (Bolivia) 163
Veronica Calvo

9 The Rupture of Territoriality and the Diminishing Relevance of Cross-cutting Ties in Somalia after 1990 181
Markus Virgil Hoehne

10 Legal Rule and Tribal Politics: The US Army and the Taliban in Afghanistan (2001–13) 213
Adam Baczko

11 Taxation, Stateness and Armed Groups: Public Authority and Resource Extraction in Eastern Congo 235
Kasper Hoffmann, Koen Vlassenroot and Gauthier Marchais

Index 257