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Running a Marathon For Dummies

Running a Marathon For Dummies

Jason Karp

ISBN: 978-1-118-43210-5

Oct 2012

360 pages



Get ready to run the race of your life

Marathons in the U.S. have seen record increases in participation during the past few years. Running a Marathon For Dummies helps aspiring marathon runners prepare to successfully complete their first race, and shows experienced runners how to take their game to the next level.

Running a Marathon For Dummies gives you exercises, programs, and tips to improve your running stamina, speed, and overall health. It takes you from sitting on the couch through running your first 26.2 mile marathon—and beyond. For seasoned runners, Running a Marathon For Dummies offers tips and advice for how to continue improving performance through drills, exercises, and other techniques.

  • Provides a timed training promise for runners of all skill levels, from non-runners, first marathoners, and mid-race runners to more experienced runners
  • Includes information on how running increases heart strength, keeps illnesses away, keeps arteries clear, and improves a person's mood
  • Gives you drills, exercises, and techniques to improve your endurance

Whether you're a couch potato or a regularly hit the asphalt, Running a Marathon For Dummies gives you everything you need to run the race of your life.

Introduction 1

Part I: The Basics of Running a Marathon 7

Chapter 1: Training for the Big Race: An Overview 9

Chapter 2: Getting a Leg Up with the Right Running Gear 25

Chapter 3: Understanding the Physiology of Marathon Running 37

Chapter 4: Starting Off with Proper Running Technique 59

Part II: Creating Your Own Marathon Training Plan 73

Chapter 5: Aerobic Training: The King of Marathon Preparation 75

Chapter 6: Running Longer, and Longer, and Longer Still 97

Chapter 7: Getting Faster with Interval Training 109

Chapter 8: Making a Plan as a Beginner Runner 121

Chapter 9: Prepping for Your Next Race as an Intermediate Runner 133

Chapter 10: Pushing Yourself as an Advanced Runner 153

Part III: Going Above and Beyond to Stay Strong and Healthy 173

Chapter 11: Producing Powerful Muscles with Strength Training 175

Chapter 12: Stretching, Cross-Training, and Recovery during Training 211

Chapter 13: Recognizing (And Avoiding) Common Running Injuries 235

Part IV: Gearing Up for Race Day (And Beyond) 257

Chapter 14: Backing Off Before You Give Your All: The Marathon Taper 259

Chapter 15: Getting a Boost with Practical and Motivational Pre-Race Strategies 267

Chapter 16: Running the Marathon: Race Strategies and Tips 277

Part V: The Part of Tens 291

Chapter 17: Ten Things to Do on Marathon Race Day 293

Chapter 18: Running Amok: Ten Common Training Errors 299

Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) Great Destination Marathons 305

Chapter 20: Ten (Okay, Eleven) Frequently Asked Questions about Running a Marathon 313

Appendix: A Marathon Directory 321

Index 329