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Russia Under the Last Tsar: Opposition and Subversion, 1894-1917

Russia Under the Last Tsar: Opposition and Subversion, 1894-1917

Anna Geifman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86995-1

Oct 1999, Wiley-Blackwell

324 pages

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This collection provides scholars and students with a wide-ranging overview of the issues, events and personalities of the two turbulent decades before the 1917 revolution in Russia.
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Part I: Radical Socialists.

1. The Mensheviks (Andre Liebich).

2. The Bolsheviks (Robert C. Williams).

3. The Bund in the Russian-Jewish Historical Landscape (Alexander Lokshin).

4. Neo-Populism in Early Twentieth-Century Russia: The Socialist-Revolutionary Party from 1900 to 1917 (Michael Melancon).

Part II: The Other Adversaries.

5. The Anarchists and the "Obscure Extremist" (Anna Geifman).

6. National Minorities in the Russian Empire, 1897-1917 (Theodore Weeks).

Part III: "The Loyal Opposition" and the Russian Right.

7.The State Duma: A Political Experiment (John Morison).

8. Liberalism and Democracy: The Constitutional Democratic Party (Melissa Stockdale).

9. The Union of 17 October (Dmitrii Pavlov).

10. Hopeless Symbiosis: Power and Right-Wing Radicalism at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century (Aleksandr Bokhanov).

Part IV: The Establishment.

11. The Security Police and Politics in the Late Imperial Russia (Jonathan Daly).

12 Legislative Chamber History Overlooked: The State Council of the Russian Empire, 1906-1917 (Alexandra Koros).

13 Church and Politics in Late Imperial Russia: Crisis and Radicalization of the Clergy (Gregory Freeze).


"Indisputably strong on authoritative summary and historiographical orientation ... Anna Geifman comes up with thought-provoking fresh insights." (The Russian Review)
* Brings together in one volume the most recent scholarship on a turbulent period in Russian history.
* The articles are written especially for the volume and for the student reader.
* Provides an accessible overview of all the major political forces active in Russia in the two decades before the revolution.
* Includes new discoveries from archival materials opened in the last years of the USSR.