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SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide

SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide

Catherine M. Roze, Naeem Hashmi (Technical Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-44714-6 January 2003 352 Pages




  • Provides an overview to the exam's topics, including a "Need to Know" list that identifies areas that must be understood in-depth.
  • Includes exercises that can be performed, usually with a small test BW server.
  • Contains practice test questions that assess the readers knowledge of the current exam topics.
  • Serves as a complement to the classroom training provided by SAP.


Chapter 1- Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, and SAP BW.

Chapter 2- Certification Exam.

Chapter 3- Training.

Chapter 4- SAP BW Data Modeling.

Chapter 5- Building Blocks.

Chapter 6- Reporting.

Chapter 7- SAP BW Extraction.

Chapter 8- Getting Ready for Certification Tips and Tricks.

Chapter 9- Simulated Certification Test.

Appendix A -
SAP BW and Data Warehouse Resources.

Appendix B- SAP BW Quick Reference Guide.

Appendix C- SAP R/3 Related Quick Reference guide.

Appendix D- SAP BW 3.0 New Features.

Appendix E- SAP BW Training Offerings: Course Description.

Appendix F- Rolls and Skills for BW Project.

Appendix G- SAP BW White Papers.

Appendix H- SAP BW Standard Business Content.