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SCADE: Language and Applications

SCADE: Language and Applications

Jean-Louis Boulanger (Editor), François-Xavier Fornari (Editor), Jean-Louis Camus (Editor), Bernard Dion (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-848-21557-3

Nov 2020, Wiley-ISTE

304 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The SCADE tool has been used from many years for the development of safety critical software in the nuclear, aeronautics and railways sectors. The language supported by this tool is also called SCADE and is based on the formal language LUSTRE. In this book, the authors present the SCADE language (syntax and semantics) along with some examples of use. Within the field of aeronautics, the SCADE tool is used by both Boeing and Airbus. In the railways sector, all the major companies throughout the world have used this tool. There are currently no books that present the SCADE language and tool, and thus this book will be the first to tackle this subject. It is especially useful as new versions of standards recommend that the language used in safety critical applications be formalized.

1. Introduction

2. Why modelise?

3. From LUSTRE language to SCADE

4. What is a synchronous language?

5. Architecture decomposition

6. Clock management

7. The basic operators

8. Arrays and iterators

9. State machine

10. Some examples

11. Perspectives

12. Conclusion

13. Bibliography