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SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible

Jerri L. Ledford

ISBN: 978-0-470-26211-5

Mar 2008

389 pages

Select type: E-Book


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  • This in-depth Bible delivers the holy grail of online marketing: how to influence search engine results to drive online shoppers to specific Web sites; the process is called search engine optimization (SEO) and it is a hot topic
  • One-stop resource offers readers what they need to plan and implement a successful SEO program, including useful tips on finding the shortest routes to success, strategy suggestions, and sidebars with more information and additional resources
  • Features interviews with executives from top search companies, plus appendices on creating successful listings with Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and others
  • Topics include creating an SEO plan; managing keywords; maximizing pay-per-click strategies; understanding the role of links and linking; robots, spiders, and crawlers; maintaining SEO; analyzing success rates; and much more

Part I: Understanding SEO.

Chapter 1: Search Engine Basics.

Chapter 2: Creating an SEO Plan.

Part II: SEO Strategies.

Chapter 3: Building Your Site for SEO.

Chapter 4: Keywords and Your Web Site.

Chapter 5: Pay-per-Click and SEO.

Chapter 6: Maximizing Pay-per-Click Strategies.

Chapter 7: Increasing Keyword Success.

Chapter 8: Understanding and Using Behavioral Targeting.

Chapter 9: Managing Keyword and PPC Campaigns.

Chapter 10: Keyword Tools and Services.

Chapter 11: Tagging Your Web Site.

Chapter 12: The Content Piece of the Puzzle.

Chapter 13: Understanding the Role of Links and Linking.

Part III: Optimizing Search Strategies.

Chapter 14: Adding Your Site to Directories.

Chapter 15: Pay-for-Inclusion Services.

Chapter 16: Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers.

Chapter 17: The Truth About SEO Spam.

Chapter 18: Adding Social-Media Optimization.

Chapter 19: Automated Optimization.

Part IV: Maintaining SEO.

Chapter 20: SEO Beyond the Launch.

Chapter 21: Analyzing Success.


Appendix A: Optimization for Major Search Engines.

Appendix B: Industry Interviews.

Appendix C: SEO Software, Tools, and Resources.

Appendix D: Worksheets.



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