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SQL Functions Programmer's Reference

SQL Functions Programmer's Reference

Arie Jones , Ryan K. Stephens , Ronald R. Plew , Robert F. Garrett , Alex Kriegel

ISBN: 978-0-764-59807-4

Apr 2005

790 pages

Select type: E-Book



  • Gives programmers two-in-one coverage, with both a "how-to" on SQL functions and a complete SQL functions reference
  • SQL is the standard language for database queries; this book's advanced coverage helps programmers write their own SQL functions
  • Covers both the internationally standardized SQL 99 functions and the hundreds of additional functions introduced by vendors, including the subtle variations required to successfully migrate or interoperate between vendor products
  • Covers the latest versions of the major relational database management system (RDMS) applications: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL


Chapter 1: Exploring Popular SQL Implementations.

Chapter 2: Functions: Concept and Architecture.

Chapter 3: Comparison of Built-in SQL Functions by Vendor.

Chapter 4: SQL Procedural Extensions and User-Defined Functions.

Chapter 5: Common ANSI SQL Functions.

Chapter 6: Oracle SQL Functions.

Chapter 7: IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) SQL Functions.

Chapter 8: Microsoft SQL Server Functions.

Chapter 9: Sybase ASE SQL Built-In Functions.

Chapter 10: MySQL Functions.

Chapter 11: PostgreSQL Functions.

Chapter 12: ANSI SQL User-Defined Functions.

Chapter 13: Creating User-Defined Functions in Oracle.

Chapter 14: Creating User-Defined Functions with IBM DB2 UDB.

Chapter 15: Creating User-Defined Functions Using Microsoft SQL Server.

Chapter 16: Creating User-Defined Functions in Sybase SQL.

Chapter 17: Creating User-Defined Functions in MySQL.

Chapter 18: Creating User-Defined Functions in PostgreSQL.

Chapter 19: Reporting and Ad Hoc Queries.

Chapter 20: Using Functions for Migrating Data.

Chapter 21: Using Functions to Feed a Data Warehouse.

Chapter 22: Embedded Functions and Advanced Uses.

Chapter 23: Generating SQL with SQL and SQL Functions.

Chapter 24: SQL Functions in an Application.

Chapter 25: Empowering the Query with Functions and Views.

Chapter 26: Understanding the Impact of SQL Functions on Query and Database Performance.

Chapter 27: Useful Queries from the System Catalog.

Appendix A: Built-in Function Cross-Reference Table.

Appendix B: ANSI and Vendor Keywords.

Appendix C: ANSI and Vendor Data Types.

Appendix D: Database Permissions by Vendor.

Appendix E: ODBC and Stored Procedures and Functions.

Appendix F: JDBC and Stored Procedures/Functions.