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Safety in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory

Safety in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory

André Picot, P. Grenouillet

ISBN: 978-0-471-18556-7

Dec 1994

336 pages

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Chemical and biochemical Laboratories are full of potentially dangerous chemicals and equipment. 'Safety in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory' provides the necessary information needed for working with these chemicals and apparatus to avoid: fires, explosions, toxic fumes, skin burns, poisoning and other hazards. Both authors, André Picot and Philippe Grenouillet, are recognized authorities in the field of lab safety, and their book arrange the information not available in similar publications. It is addressed to members of Chemical Health& Safety as well as working chemists in labs everywhere. Also Lab managers will find the book a useful addition to their bookshelf.
From the Contents:
Chemical Risks: The Handling of Chemical Substances, Neutralization and Destruction of
Chemical Substances/
Other Risks in the Chemistry Laboratory: Biological Risks, Laboratory
Risks Associated with Non-Ionizing Radiation, Laboratory Risk Associated with