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Sales Presentations For Dummies



Sales Presentations For Dummies

Julie M. Hansen

ISBN: 978-1-119-10415-5 September 2015 384 Pages

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Are your sales presentations stuck in the 20th century?

Sales Presentations For Dummies rises to the challenge of guiding you through the process of engaging and persuading busy buyers in a world that's constantly bombarding them with sales pitches. Motivating today's buyers to pull the trigger on a new deal requires a certain set of skills, and this straightforward text guides you through what you need to know to create and deliver compelling presentations. Pulled from examples and experiences of thousands of actual sales presentations, the information in this innovative resource offers the tools and tips you need to keep your leads engaged from hook to call to action.

Today's business landscape is competitive. When your sales presentation is being compared to countless others, it's important to stand out for all the right reasons. Instead of using dated sales approaches,, update your understanding of the art of selling—and create compelling, engaging presentations that hook audience members from the beginning.

  • Leverage a proven, blockbuster formula that engages audiences in any industry
  • Use the power of storytelling to connect with prospective clients and soften their resistance to your sales pitch
  • Understand and apply customer insights to ensure that your solution is top-of-mind in purchasing decisions
  • Update your professional skill set to encompass today's most motivating sales tactics

Sales Presentations For Dummies brings your sales style into the 21st century and connects you with the skills you need to excel in today's complicated business landscape.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Sales Presentations 5

Chapter 1: Embracing the Future of Sales Presentations 7

Chapter 2: Discovering What You Need to Know Before You Begin 15

Chapter 3: Tailoring Your Value Proposition to Fit Your Audience 35

Part II: Building a Blockbuster Presentation 49

Chapter 4: Structuring a Persuasive Presentation 51

Chapter 5: Unleashing the Power of a Strong Opening 73

Chapter 6: Ratcheting Up the Tension as You Build Your Case 89

Chapter 7: Creating Closings That Make Your Prospect Take Action 107

Chapter 8: Crafting Your Agenda, Intro, and Company Overview 127

Chapter 9: Designing a Winning Presentation 143

Part III: Delivering an Impactful Presentation 163

Chapter 10: The Presenter’s 3 Cs: Credibility, Connection, and Confidence 165

Chapter 11: Leveraging Your Voice and Body for Impact 177

Chapter 12: Increasing Emotional Engagement through Storytelling 197

Chapter 13: Managing — and Surviving — Stage Fright 217

Part IV: The New Rules of Engagement: Interacting with Your Audience 227

Chapter 14: Engaging and Managing Your Audience 229

Chapter 15: Handling Objections Like a Pro 251

Part V: Focusing on Special Types of Presentations 267

Chapter 16: Presenting as a Team Sport 269

Chapter 17: Mastering Web Presentations 283

Chapter 18: Delivering a Product Demonstration That Drives Sales 305

Chapter 19: Adjusting for Specialty Presentations and Audiences 319

Part VI: The Part of Tens 335

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Recover from Presentation Disaster 337

Chapter 21: Ten PowerPoint Tips You Must Know 341

Chapter 22: Ten Things You Need to Know When Presenting with Your Tablet 347

Index 353