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Salmon Day: The End of the Beginning for Global Business

Salmon Day: The End of the Beginning for Global Business

Douglas Lamont

ISBN: 978-1-841-12667-8 January 2005 Capstone 288 Pages




"I am impressed by Lamont's assessments of who will be the global winners and losers. Lamont holds back no punches. If you want to see the big picture, globally and technologically, read this book."
—Philip Kotler, S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

"Too often, companies charge headlong into global business activities with little strategic thought, historical perpective or analysis of global trends. Douglas Lamont’s Salmon Day perspective provides these companies with necessary food for thought as they expand their global sales and investment activities, helping them to make informed choices on market entry strategy, as well as which markets to target and why." Ken Anderberg, Publisher and Editor, Atlanta International Magazine

"In his new book, Douglas Lamont asks, 'Is America's number one position in the race toward globalization a permanent feature of economic reform or a cyclical result of current business conditions?' He thinks the U.S. has got it right and will thrive on globalization. He also concludes that China probably does not have it right and will suffer from globalization. I think he is wrong on both scores, but this is the most stimulating and well-informed discussion of these issues to be found anywhere. A must read for the manager who hopes to survive."
—Chalmers Johnson, President, Japan Policy Research Institute Author of MITI and the Japanese Mirocle

"All too many business people and pundits take for granted the continuous spread of the phenomena of globalization, cross-border trade and investment and new economic paradigms. They assume that the logic of American-style technology and consumerism is ineclutable. Douglas Lomant's Salmon Day shows conclusively that those who wish for this rich and rosy future have to work to make it happen. He points out where the traps are and how they can be avoided. Salmon Day is a valuable contribution because it is insightful and thought-provoking at the level of business and economic theory, while also providing the specific, hands-on, practical advice for business people so often locking in the grand theories of other consultants and experts."
—Daniel Burstein, Senior Advisor, The Blackstone Group Author of Big Dragon: The Future of China

"Douglas Lamont's book is not to be missed. Written in clear, provocative language, Salmon Day is never shy of the tough question. Lamont is certainly on target in articulating the challenges facing Japan and East Asia if they are to avoid the fate of salmon swimming upstream. His book ties together the many disparate elements that must be grasped to understand today's complex economy. This is straight talk about globalization - as it really is - and isn't. I consider it essential reading in the executive suite."
—Patrick Smith, Author of Japan: A Reinterpretation




American Heartland.

Nafta and Mercosur.

The West.


Businessmen's Europe.


The East.


Japan Stalled.

China Realism.

Paradigms for South East Asia.